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Pressure Points/ sensation play

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Does anyone have any experience/ tips/ information about sensation play and using/ accessingĀ pressure points..... Iā€™m doing my own research but keen to hear about your experiences as well šŸ˜š

Regarding pressure points.... try a martial arts class .... that's where I learnt so much... šŸ˜Š

I started simply with massages, it's a bit easier to start with.Ā 

Full body massage - this is good for sensual and relaxing play.

Hot stone massage - this builds on sensual element, the heat adds a surprise of pain if done slowly.

The above two are easily investigated by getting massages at professional salons. The advantage is you get to learnĀ areas of stimulation that are pleasurable, while relaxing.

When you progress to more interesting sensation play, most of the areas that can be simulated for relaxation and pleasure can be turned from pleasure to pain.Ā 

Sole-Fantasy is right that martial artsĀ classes are good for learning pressure points, but you can check some anatomy books....your looking for large muscle groups and where muscles join first. I say muscles first as theseĀ easier and also difficultĀ Ā to do damage.

Then you can investigate nerve bundles, please go slowly and carefully more........nerves are easier to damage.

I prefer shoulders and chest muscles and nerves.....if done right....your partner will feel great a couple of days later after play.

Recommend that peopleĀ stay away from "joints" until you learn about the differences between men and women regarding hormones.


Thanks both, thatā€™s really helpful.Ā 

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