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A perverted detail: the flick of her lip

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So I like to write and share ... any comments welcome.


Perversion with detail, 

For you what does that entail ? 

Is it the curve of a breast or a beautiful hip?

For me it’s the flick of the lip. 

It may sound crazy but I assure you I’m sane,

So let me explain,

At the fall of my crop, 

as it hits again the same spot,

Her lip rises and her teeth  bare,

I love it all, the snarl and the stare,

But then there’s a flick in the lip and it’s turns to a smile, 

She is bound but twists into the rope,

fixed with no hope.

At the next fall of my crop,

Again it hits the same spot,

The teeth bare and then it’s the flick of the lip,

It becomes the naughtiest smile you could dare to see, 

This is the detail that is sought by me,

You see folks it’s this flick of the lip,

from grimace to grin

That stops me from giving in,

to the groans moans and pleas for no more 

As I spank the shit out of my beautiful little whore. 




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I understand totally I've never really thought about it until I read this but God yes....C

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Best money spent was on that crop Sir! 

1 hour ago, SubmissiveNix said:

Best money spent was on that crop Sir! 

You would love the one firewitch picked ..C


Mr Christopher....photos of crop?? I have nightmares about losing our new crop! The leather smell and feel is delicious...oh its just incredible to feel Sir using it on me. Mmmmmm


There once was a woman who’d lost hope,

but discovered she had a love of rope

she went down on her knees, he was such a tease 

when he found she was fond of the wand!!!

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Thanks!! I thought it up whilst I was driving earlier!!! I thought you might like it!!

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