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Worried my girlfriend won't be into kink?


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My first serious girlfriend, who was thankful I gave her some *** to help her *** out that she started talking weird, saying things like "use me how you want" or "how can I serve you". Thing is I misinterpreted it as her being kinky, but she said no not like that. Now, I am worried she won't want to be kinky with me? This COVID19 situation has made it hard to bond.


Communication is key in any relationship especially when discussing kinks


What's her personality like? If she's always joking around or likes sarcasm then she may just be saying that she owes you a favour in an exaggerating manner.

Or it's possible that her kink is to be subservient without any of the physical aspects of kink.

Or it's possible that she's a prey and is hoping that you'll pursue her.

Did she know that you were into kink before she started saying these things? She obviously has a hint now.

Next time she says something like this ask her what she means.  You may have to remind her or point out that you are into kink, that communication is important in kink and that these statements can be misleading.



I think sometimes; and I know it can be frustrating with mixed signs

the question is "what is more important; my kinks or my girlfriend?"

it might be that even if she's no real interest in kink now, that if you have an otherwise enjoyable relationship that's the main thing.  Kink may happen in the future.

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