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Risk Taking

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Hello Kinksters,

i am interested in the risk taking element of D/s as I am sure many of us are. 

I would love to hear some of your experiences of risk taking in other aspects of your lives? Preserving of course anything you wish to....




Hi, i'm not sure if this is what you meant, but outside of here I also practise as a Nudist. I love the feeling of being entirely naked on a beach, or at a swim, or at an organised event. With that comes the temptation of peeling off clothing long before you get to the acceptable nudist area, but the biggest risk I took this year was the London World Naked Bike Ride. I rode a Boris Bike from Kings Cross, round all of the major landmarks, right across to Hyde Park Corner, entirely naked in a crowd of other naked people. It took 2.5 hours and London is busy with people at the best of times...


I’m interested to hear what these risks may be too ?
Outside of D/s I actually find myself to be quite cautious and wary. I approach things a lot of the time with an excessive amount of caution and even find myself slightly panicked if I cannot plan something well in advance. Often far too early for events, over pack suitcases, over order party food etc. Perhaps this is why I enjoy submission so much as is a way to let go of the control I find myself exerting in everyday situations.
One my "non-BDSM" interests is caving. I spent several years in West Virginia and got to explore many of their cave networks. One in particular (I want to say Stillhouse caverns, but may be mistaken) requires crossing a 40 foot drop into darkness with nothing but a rope to keep you from plunging to your death. That same cave network ends with a 25 foot hope you have to climb out of into a cow field. There are a few things you realize a few miles under ground like: that if anything collapses, you're fucked; that if your light goes out and you have no spare, you're lost in a darkness few have ever witness; and even the shortest tight crawl can feel like miles and freak you out if you feel stuck. I'm thankful I've had no serious injuries or issues! But there have been several times me and Marty have had to risk it going through different systems; one network (I don't recall the name) has what looks like a giant spade eroded through rock with what looks like a slight brook flowing under it. You literally have to walk on the very edges of the rock over this stream because you really can't see how deep it is; walking through it would be like flirting with death - you can sink between rocks, get sucked into underground holes, etc. It's all so extremely exciting, though!
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I have to say that the sweetest risks are moments in relationship, when you explore anything for the first time, this is when test the strength of the relationship, which is always a risk. This is when you test yourself and find out if you have done your research, prepared and explored both yourself and your partner...yes to risk, no to gambling.

Might be a bit on the other side of the coin of risk, just love the planning and control, the moments of heighten awareness as your progress with a new activity.


Look forward to more comments, should be an interesting thread.

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PT you articulate beautifully the hidden joy of discovering one another Goose

This has got me thinking and comparing risk taking and  the humiliation thread 

Being locked in chastity before we leave the house to catch up with friends or attend a family/works party The same can be said for the  time's I have been out in public after a caning or the wees after until the marks disappear

I have been made to walk to the shops with a vibrating cock ring on low turned round so it's resting on my balls The being made to turn it up as time passes

Just a few examples of what I have been made to do

The risk is there of course but so is the humiliation the embarrassment the control and the complete faith a submissive puts in there dom not to put them in harms way

For me personally it's all part of how we choose to live our lives and the many many paths we walk cross over so many times


For me, risk taking is not something I do, reading Neffie26's response I nodded lots. I'm the same. I plan everything, I calculate risks and don't do things unless I'm 100% sure it'll work out. I'm not in any way a risk taker. I hate rollercoasters, I wouldn't contemplate rock climbing or bungee jumping or anything like that. 

All my risks are taken within BDSM. It's the only time I really let go. I find a wonderful piece in being beaten to a point where my mind is quiet and still. 


Hmmmm- beaten to a point where my mind isn’t quiet and still is something I’m looking forward to- as a brand new sub in training this is a very exciting thought! 

In lots of ways I am risk averse as a parent especially. Although as they get older I am having to negotiate new things. 

I have to take lots of risks at work and at times this is in relation to my personal safety.  So managing risk is something I have to do frequently. 

When I wrote this I was thinking about public exhibitionism/ humiliation/ high adrenaline activities/ previous vanilla relationship with men who had emotionally abusive domineering traits. 

For me risk is exciting and makes me feel naughty, the adrenaline however obtained is quite addictive. 

Misplaced choices/ poor decision making in past relationships became a theme whereby I was attracted to dangerous people and I didn’t know about D/s and now I do I have such a sense of peace although that may be attributable to Sir.  I think another that this may merit another thread as I feel there is a very fine line between abusive control and consensual control.

Nudity also falls into this category and skinny dipping/ nudist beaches/ fetish nights/ being watched whilst being fucked all excite me very much. 

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