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Butterfly Skin


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The butterfly inked upon your skin

has beating wings that draw me in

the intoxicating scent of your perfume

greets me as I enter darkened room

*** and bound to silken sheets

breasts fall and rise with your heart beats

senses heightened by sightless mask

you hear my approach to begin my task

“Masters slut” whispered in your ear

your body twitches in abject ***

yet the aching throb between milky thighs

juices flowing as you arch against ties

I mount you and enter you have no will

you crave to move but must lay so still

I rise and fall and plough you hard

your mind is splintered In fractured shard

allowed to cum in gushing spend

In ecstasy yet dreading the end

left there used like daddy’s whore

how long to wait til he returns for more.


Mr Spanksy I always knew you were brilliant but this is just WOW, love, love, love,  thank you for sharing 💗💗💗


So good you posted it twice! Love it twice as much 💋


Oooops sorry peeps I wasn’t sure how to post this!! You girls are always writing such great prose that I thought I’d do one for the boys!


This is wow!!!!! So so good thank you for sharing 😍


And Mr Spanksy returns with an absolute bang ! Fiery words of passion, thank you xx 💋


This is absolutely divine at its finest. Just reading it made me have butterflies in my stomach. And the way it is written is so beautiful and passionate and you are a amazing talented man. And Thank You so much for sharing this amazing story to us it truly inspiring. xx💋

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