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Afternoon Tea: A Short Story


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Afternoon Tea


The late afternoon sun filled the rear of the garden with a soft warmth pleasant to be in but not oppressively hot.

The high hedges on the garden’s sides gave off a soft mixture of busy noise. It was a distant humming as bees went from flower to flower and the birdsong of the hedges residents. 

The air here bore a heavy mix of honeysuckle and trailing rose. It was a heady and exotic perfume. This complimented the relaxing sound of the waterfall into the Koi pond. 

He casually lifted his iced tea and took a long slow sip, then replacing the glass carried on with the last few knots that secured her arms along the top of the garden bench. 

Tink was sitting patiently during this, but the expression in her eyes when he put the iced tea down without offering her a drink was priceless. Her face betrayed nothing, but her eyes widened momentarily in surprise. There was the tiniest frown and the cutest little pout. 

He straightened after securing the last rope end out of sight. Admiring her, sitting naked on the oak garden bench. Garden furniture had never looked so good. Her arms, which were straight out along its top, held in place with the red cotton rope work. Her shoulders, thus squared and straight, caused her breasts to jut forward in an even more delightful way. 

He picked up her glass of iced tea, slick and dripping with condensation. Bending in front of her, he lifted it slowly to her lips. Just letting a little pass her lips at a time. The cold condensed water dripping from the iced glass and onto her body. 

He removed the glass from her lips and placed it against one nipple. She tensed as if hit by an electric shock. Then he slid it across her cleavage to the other nipple. His lips met hers and kissed away any last vestiges of the drink with a passion that showed his calm exterior to be just that, an exterior only. 

“All right now you have had a drink, I will put in your new bit gag, it will be softer than the other.” 

She lifted her head, and with her most playful smile said. 

“It is only because I win the philosophical debates isn’t it Sir.” 

As always, he couldn’t help but laugh at her unquenchable defiance. She knew full well that he liked a narrow line between respect and being a total brat. It was a line she walked and made it look easy. Hell, she could even throw in a bum wiggle and walk that line at the same time.

He brought the gag towards her she opened her smart mouth; he smiled and slipping it into place. Her head moved subtly to position it more comfortably and bit down into the soft latex.

Their eyes met, and he raised an eyebrow a little, his head cocked slightly. In return, she slowly blinked her eyes. These subtle, silent communications were how they kept the set up safe. It also highlighted the times when there was no polite check in.

The gravel scrunched under his feet as he squatted down. In front of her, he placed his palms on her inside thighs. With deceptive gentleness and slowness he eased her thighs apart until the outside of each knee pressed against the bench.

Reaching into his jacket pocket he removed two pairs of silver wide circle tipped clover clamps. Holding them up, he jingled them so her anticipation could build at what was to come.

As he took each nipple between his fingers he rolled and stretched them. Once they were standing even more stiffly to attention, he stretched each out fully, attaching the clover clamp low. The jaws of the clamp covered most of the nipple and squeezed some aurora around it.

Once each was firmly in place he held her eyes as he took hold of the chain joining them.

“The beauty of these Tink is when you pull on this chain..”

He dragged the chain causing the clamps to tighten. Smiling at the expressions that spread her face, there was a battle of *** and desire playing out there. Oh, she was a one for the agony and the ecstasy and it was always a battle it destined her to lose.

“Yes.. They tighten, well observed.”

He placed his hands behind her knees and pulled her bum out a little, placing a little more pressure on her arms

Then reaching between her thighs carefully stretched each of her outer lips. Grazing his thumb over her clit casually as he did so.

He held the clover clamp open and carefully slid her labia between the wide metal pads. Ensuring he placed it at the base, spreading the pressure rather than pinching. He could not help grinning as he fed the other clamp through the chain of her nipple clamps. It joined both sets together and as the chains were not long enough, one set always pressed hard.

He finished by attaching the final labia clamp. Pausing now to watch her fidget and tilt, relieving pressure on one set and then the other.

He stood and lifted her chin, checking her face.

“You all good... Well maybe not all good but are you.. Hanging in there.. Literally? “

Tink did her eyebrow flash of assent.

He reached over to the side table and picked up the remote control egg, coating it in water-based lubricant.

“You did not think it would be that easy did you?”

As he knelt she tilted her pelvis upwards, causing those nipple clamps to tighten, as they took the full weight of the labia chain. He carefully slipped the egg into place in her vagina, ensuring that it was sitting deeply enough for her not to shoot it straight out.

He strolled over to his chair, sat comfortably and taking his smart phone out opened the app that controlled the egg. Starting to build up the speed, he just watched her squirm. Sipping his tea slowly, smelling the flowers and enjoying her predicament.

There was a definite pleasure to seeing someone unable to win, but enjoying losing so very much despite themselves. Her muffled whimpers changed in pitch, her stomach muscles moved in spasm, and she squirmed to realise and tighten the clamps.

Undoubtedly, it was very hard to beat a nice quiet glass of iced tea in the garden on a summer's evening. Smiling and relaxed, he closed his eyes and turned the controller up to full…..



I love this even more today than I did when I first read it. It’s beautiful. I’m one very lucky lady. - Tink

All human actions have one or more of these seven causes — chance, nature, compulsions, habit, reason, passion, desire



Glad you enjoyed it again baby. 😉
Irrational passions would seem to be as much a part of human nature as is reason.


Mmmhhmmm.. Yours is better 🤫

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