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Third Person


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To you, faint reader, I implore you to guard your eyes now. Turn your head, and swallow deep to still the tremble in your soul. Take a breath, inhale your fortitude and exhale your cowardice; gather your nerve before you continue. Better still, take flight that your attention may land elsewhere...this is not a tale for the weak-willed.

Yet, this is where we find her; with pale complexion and soft features, bright eyes and a delicate face framed by dark hair that falls to her shoulders, one would find her "cute" if not for her disheveled and dirty appearance. Although her flesh lay bare, scuffs of muck and filth cover her almost entirely. What isn't dirt is the dark bloom of bruise, still new and fresh among this garden. Shrunk in on herself and shivering uncontrollably, she appears so slight, almost barely there. Her sobs still shook her, and her mascara traced the path of tears down her cheeks starkly.

This too is where we find our antagonist, a villain with such cruel cunning his devious acts may well be seen as an art. He towers over the broken doll, looming as if about to strike. Long, black hair hides his glee from being realized; long, sharp nails pluck at the pitiful creature at the monster's whim. Gangly arms carry his intentions deftly to their target: a biting pinch, hair ripped at sharply, nails rending flesh all coaxing yelps that fuel the sadistic beast.

Also in attendance, our heroine; a thin, copper hair girl with kitty ears, dressed modestly in a long white tank top that hangs just below her crotch. Kneeling just outside the sadist's scrutiny, kitty watches silently as the other girl is tormented mercilessly. Over and over, she sees the beast rear back resulting in another screech from the mark...so constant now, kitty no longer flinched from the cries. With wide eyes, she watched, trying hard to hold her position despite feeling shaky and unexpectedly aroused.

As for the setting, faithful reader, I leave that to your mind's eye to create. You see, this diabolical scene could play out anywhere: a private dungeon, a shadowy back alley, maybe a dirty bathroom with a worn lock...predators akin our antagonist are all around you. They see you while you work, they study you when you come home, and they hunt you while you are out enjoying yourself with friends. No matter where you are, you are never hidden; no more than these two poor girls are hidden from his cruel attention. Where ever, you will be exposed.

So, the scene has opened and the players introduced, the question yet remains: will you bear witness, dear reader? Peeping through a crack in the door or peering from over top of a trash can, will you watch? Maybe better still...what will you do as you watch?

"I'm not finished with you..." the methodical tone of his voice carried no suggestion of threat, but merely the confidence his will be done. Still looming, he began unfastening the belt at his waist, black like his slacks, but a thick leather that glinted against the darkness of his pants. His heavy boot stepping down on her thigh caused her to flip onto her back, almost knocking the wind from her lungs and causing her to glare wildly at the man standing over her. Trapped between his boots, she could only manage a sob before a hot, pungent fluid cascade her face. The stream soaked through her hair, sticking strands to her face, then washed over her flesh as if a scolding shower, knocking off dried clumps of filth despite making the poor girl feel more disgusting. "...Not finished with you, by far."

The animal zipped his fly before turning his attention to kitty and patting his leg. kitty responded instantly, scrambling across the floor to sit at his heel. He absently scratched her behind her "ears", causing her to nuzzle against his hand and leg. His dark gaze was greeted by her warm smile as he gave her instructions, "Comfort the girl, she needs a moment."

The kitty began to slink up the defeated girl's thighs, sniffing at her as she made her way to the tear stained face. "You smell," she said playfully, the fabric of her tank top becoming tinged as she laid close the girl, her body still heaving in the recent memory of weeping. "I still like you though," kitty continued, licking the tip of the girl's nose, "because your pleasing my Captain!" This caused a smile to split across kitty's face, a huge grin at which you can only laugh. kitty kissed her then, full on her still pouting lips.

Fingernails manicured to triangular points rake down the girl's tender back causing her to break the kiss with a low hiss. Those same fingernails gently push still dripping tendrils of hair behind her ear before kitty whispered low and sultry. "Did you think serving him would be so intense? You did beckon his attention, requesting he take his pleasure from you...did you think it would be so...intense...?" kitty trailed off, focusing on the girl's sorrowful face as she shook her head, pitifully. The poor creature looked as if about to burst into tears at any moment, without so much as even a touch.

Agile and graceful as a panther, kitty scurried to her hands and knees at the girl's feet, facing the ominous darkness surrounding them. Begging her Captain for his attention, kitty seemed to be praying to the silent shadows, them self. Only mumbles could be heard as she relayed the battered prey's condition, but her supplication was unmistakable and undeniable. When words fail, kitty knew she could allure him with her womanly charms; the softness of her figure coupled with porcelain flesh always ignited his most burning passions. A sudden hush, and kitty straightened her back, locking her wrist together at the small of her spine with head lowered...no more words necessary.

As if he tasted sour, the darkness seemed to spit him out; a fury of determination with confident movements took kitty by her hair, dragging her "meowing" loudly beside the squirming girl, eyes wide in shock. Knocking the wind out of her chest as her back thudded against the wall, he then snatched the stunned girl's hair, shifting her to a sitting position, her back also on the wall. He turned as he stood, facing away from the two startled beauties; the tone in his voice left no room for question as he gave direction, "stand over her and face the wall, kitty. Lean forward with your palms against it." Swiftly, she obeyed.

In this position, the girls were practically facing one another; the girl on the ground tried catching her breath as kitty looked her over from above. The golden shower had left her skin looking more bare, and kitty thought to herself that the girl really didn't look all that bruised. From this angle, the girl appeared so small; her feet pigeon-toed between kitty's own, placed wide and stable to each side. From her angle, kitty seemed like an angel to the girl, standing over her in protection, tainted fabric causing the tank top to drape heavily. They locked eyes, and kitty gave the girl a reassuring smile despite the trepidation evident on her face.

From his angle, the beast merely saw the offering of flesh and all the possibilities the two might bring him satiated. He had turned back to the girls, watching their wordless interaction with much interest as he scrutinized kitty's form. He rather enjoyed the canvas of her back, the curve of her hips around her ass, the taper of her long legs as they split the triangle of her crotch. As a heated palm on her shoulder lightly tracing the line of her spine, kitty pressed against this hand, hungry for his touch. A deliberate snatch, and the tank top is torn free from her torso, biting her in places as the material is shred. Taking in a deep breathe, kitty shivered at the sudden cold; the stirrups dangling from her nipples shimmered, catching the girls attention. Like an animal, he tossed the destroyed garment aside, now useless and obsolete, then retreated a few steps to survey the exposed bounty.

Slipping a hand into his pocket, he fished out a coil of leather cording and let it roll out from a fixed ring caught on his finger. He passed the thongs through his free palm, separating the three 1/4" falls the length of four feet. At the ends, he whipped them around smoothly, whispering through the air with a hiss as they swirled in a large "figure 8" in front of him. His eyes glowed with the fiery imagery in mind, but his lips twisted in such a wicked grin promised this debauchery has yet to be fully realized.

The monster took a single set forward, slicing the air to each side of kitty with the cords.  As he leaned towards the girls, he snapped the thin strips of leather against the wall; two quick pops, both caused kitty and the girl at her feet to jump.

"Captain...you're scaring me..." kitty stammered. "I don't like that thing..."

"I picked the straps for that very reason!" He chuckled as he spoke, "Well, that and the beautiful marks they leave behind." kitty merely mewed softly as he took a step back, something invisible hissing in the air around him. The girl on the ground watched without a peep, although she brought her hands to her chin, trying vainly to hide her breasts with her arms. She could see him from around kitty's thighs; parts of him, at least, as the darkness seemed to cloak his dark clothing.

His severe focus amazed the girl; she was mesmerized by how little he had move in order to keep the cords whirling about him. Holding the silver ring between his index and middle finger, he simply shifted them slightly to speed up or slow down the spinning leather pieces. Flicking his wrist whipped them, almost causing them to snap like a single tail. As the straps ascended, he rolled his forearm with the fall, licking kitty's back as if with a flogger, and she inhaled sharply finally feeling the sadist's intent. The thuds on her back created a rhythmic cadence; a slow tempo to start, good for warmup, but only a bit of sting. His eyes fixed on her flesh ensured each strike covered her form with as much length as he could give, brushing her body and preparing kitty for the lashings to come. Although her breathing had changed to match the beat, kitty remained otherwise unmoved...no longer seeing the girl, her senses had already turned inward to savor the sensation that magnificent beast doled out.

What I will attempt to describe at this point, dear reader, is nothing less than magic, itself. I will fail, of course, because there are no words I can offer to explain the intimacy between a predator and his prey. Certainly, their behavior and interactions can be observed and studied; what of that moment, when the heated breathe at the rabbit's neck becomes the gnashing of the wolf's teeth? How could I convince you, innocent reader, of the glorious supplication found by accepting one's fate within the monster's maw?

Picking up speed, the leather straps began to whistle. The succession of smacks had caused kitty's back to redden; from shoulders to lower ribcage, her flesh radiated heat. The girl under kitty noticed the grin on the beast's face changed, the darkness in his eyes fierce. Leaning back and flicking his wrist, he whipped the cords their full length, popping the ends against kitty's tender flesh cruelly. Each strike coaxed a yelp from the girl in kitty ears, and the girl below her began to whimper along with her. He snapped the strips repeatedly, following her torso downward, leaping to her buttocks and kissing the back of her thighs. She cried out then, shifting from foot to foot to distribute the pain...kitty held her position, though.

The barrage stopped, and the tiny hissing creatures took flight around him again. With a long exhale, energy pulsated from him seeming to warp reality. The girl on the ground could no longer look directly at the beast; he seemed to vibrate intensely, making him appear very unnatural, a void within the darkness that caused her stomach to flip. Instead, she turned her face upward, feeling something wet drip against her cheek. When her vision finally focused, she could see kitty was crying, tears traced her nose and fell from the tip. With her hair mussed and eyes glittering, the girl found kitty breathtakingly beautiful; she could understand why this kitty had become a muse for the sadist.

The fun had just begun for the cruel animal. Cutting his hand downward at the elbow made the straps whiz around kitty menacingly. The girl below her could see kitty had started to tremble again, and understandably so! She knew she was frightened for kitty, maybe more so having just recently been the target for his sadistic penchants. Despite her soft mewing, the girl noticed kitty did not move; she also noticed the shaven slit where kitty's thighs met looked slick and wet.

Giving the cording some slack, he kissed her upper leg, wrapping the leather strips around it and causing the ends to pop against the upper portion of her inner thigh. The girl with the kitty ears screeched as he retracted the straps, then laid into her opposite leg in nearly the mirrored spot. With wide eyes, the girl under kitty was shocked by the brutal marks left behind: three thin red welts against pale flesh, circling her appendage and ending in large, round bruises. Climbing her frame, each lashing sliced around her ribcage at a constant rate, demanding another scream from the weeping kitty. Although her body covered in stripes, kitty did not move, at least until the monster wrapped her breasts, the ends snapping against a pierced nipple sharply.

Crying out, kitty dropped her hands from the wall and quickly cradled her wounded breast. The sadist was not daunted, of course; rather, he shifted his hand, directing the flying straps to catch kitty just above the knee. The ends exploded in the bend, which forced kitty to slump to her knees around the girl. kitty laid her head on the girl's shoulder, who reciprocated by petting the kitty's hair and rubbing the burning sections of her flesh. The lashes had stopped, the girls realized between moans, and the girl peeked around kitty's head trying to spy the beast. This would serve to be fruitless as the shadows had already swallowed him, obfuscating his frightening visage from frightened eyes.


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