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Collaboration;the return of favour !


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(I would like to say a "wee t'ank ye" to all my interactive collaborators in my journey here. Big nod to Cade for inspiration to make limits an literary art to explore. )

~ Whimpering,buttocks crimson,the last of her selfworth's modesty shed.

Hand raised on high:CRracK!! Ruby *** needles dance,as sprites in her mind's inner lights. Such dirty, shameful delights. The Dom,cocky and hard,gulps at the brutal impact of his corporal ministrations. He jauntily steps in. Lust fuelled urges grip each buttock roughly. The cold air caresses anal star,it dims. Saliva in sweaty palm is smeared greedily,on swollen shiny spear.

Casting glance over smooth curvy submissive shoulder,dark eyes flare with yellow flame.

"Double V.I.P pass only! " she snarls ,ferociously! Her legs snap together,military fashion,wet puffy pussy pouting defiently at his leering visage. His narcissistic gutteral laughter narrows the she-wolfe's eyes ,in calculating primal knowledge.

" I AM SIR! To you Beeeetch! "

He pulls back at the hip,knees slighty crooked. Priming to unleash his fury of entitlement,testicle deep.....

"Double V.I.P. ? What the Fuck is that shit? Beeetch?......."

A long rising crescendo of silence , suddenly sliced open by the swift blade of her penetrating wolfewhistle!

A heavy ring laden lump of scar tissue ,that once upon a time ,passed for a hand; flashed under his chin. It embraced his throat in vice tight kiss. His hands futile slapping,despair laden.  They drum out a tattoo of despair. Now dominated by  large,solid hirsute forearm ,ages etched in scar n ink. Greives of battles old,legends,myths. Power!

"Double V.I.P.?......."

" Why,....'tis Wolfe is Prince!  Double Vee ? W ! " her sassy retort. Then, as if passing gracefully between the moments of time,she spins, snarling! In a ballet of sensuality she leaps. Arching neck she orally traps his high flung involuntary premature ejaculates. The twisted dance ends.Her ravenous ,slutty mouth engulfs his six inches to the hilt.Lupine lusts entwine with in their startled prey. Swift,sharp canine snap at base of his shaft,cock head throat grasped. The hard ,veiny ,'ngorged penis filling his rectum,and more......punches his prostate....hard!

High on cold bleached hillside ,the wolfpack turn heel. Sprinting from ***,seeking sylvanian shelter. His scream hangs on timeless hooks...driving their flight response. Flushing the dale with the maelstrom of guilt's limits....his *** lingers ........then dark.


Myyy Loooord hmmm😏 😈

What's meant to be is. I'd have it no other way but to be a chapter in your book,  a part of your hidden...

                                      L. Lady🖤🤎




4 hours ago, Firewitch said:

Dave, James, Arthur, big Bob??? Just call it "mine"

"Let me play with what's mine"

"Give me mine"

"Get mine ready for me"

"Lock mine up"

"Mine will be bound and ***d tonight"

I like it!! Good luck with choosing


A name given ,should reflect character....so here.....Gone? 


I are awesome.  Glad the writeing helps with the *** senfing healing thoughts


Big healing love vibes all round....it may be a beautiful planet....but an ugly world.! Shine ya light ,Gurl!

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