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how broken is broken, for a sub?


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Greetinv everyone, i am new dog in this life style. I know this place is for all the fun things, but please spare this lost dog a lil bit of your time.

I recently join this life style, and as a dog i yearn for a handler. The thing is, i got condition. A year ago i found out that i have hepatitis b, a carrier from my mother. I cant help but a bit bugged by this. I feel somewhat, due to my lack of worda, crippled. My potential handler (the one i constantly in contact with), also said nobody wants a broken slave.....i kinda depressed now :(

Does nobody wants a dog like me? :(

p.s: im pretty much healthy and showing no symptomp of it all.

Come I‚Äôll help you ūüėą

Hello, your post made me a little sad. Firstly im sorry that you have to deal with Hep b. Im sure you are receiving the best medical advice from your GP/consultant. Hep b can be passed through *** and bodily fluids such as semen. So as long as you use protection (condoms) you are safe and no more broken than the rest of us! The NHS also offers Hep B vaccines to anyone at high risk of contracting the virus. Therefore any long term partner could be vaccinated. As an employee working with *** adults I have been vaccinated and its really no big deal. 

Your 'handler' appears to be bordering on using your condition in an abusive manner. You are not broken...you just need to be mindful of your condition. If you meet someone and have a connection then I see no reason why any well educated person would see it as an issue.

I suggest you tell your 'handler' to become better informed!

Good luck xxxxx


Hi there Kunthi,

There are times to be direct with your handler and share how much this hurts, each of us has raw nerves, triggers...there is always something. If you handler cannot hear you, then you know your not in a good relationship...

SubmisiveNix is 100% right...Hep B can be managed and your handler needs to be better informed.

Your not a broken slave, put that out of you mind.



Thanks for the response Sir and Ma'am

a lil background of my potential handler, he already got 4 pets and 2 houseboys and like to play with couple of them at once. So i get why he is very strict with his pets or potential pets health. But still "nobody wants a broken slaves" (his words) still linger in my mind :/

i just afraid at the prospect of losing a chance to be his pet. I will definitely tell him, but i dont know how to break the news....


It will be hard, telling your handler how you feel, better no relationship than a bad relationship. 

What is the worst thing that could happen, you find another handler that will appreciate you, care for you.


Ive told him, not like what i had planned before, but yeah he knew. I got a sense that he pity me...

He even insist that i should not sweating to much or there will be no body contact (eventho i told him sweat doesnt contagious)....

now idk, do i still want this relationship?

Ive told him to take the vaccine as he never took it before. Got ignored. Now im a sad puppy, lol :(


Kunthi, your doing the right thing, being honest and communicating; these are treasures in any relationship. There is a reason we have one mouth and two ears...

What is good is you know your own value as an individual and know that you deserve more.

You should be running around the room and enjoying the fact that you are not alone and there are handlers that will appreciate a pup with some bounce.

Watch K9's and their owners in real life; that's a bond worth seeking.




you are not broken. your handler is wrong. they are not treating you right. how dare they call you broken. you did not get this threw any of your fault. you are a human 1st an formost. your handaler is evil. hugs. if you ever want a chat im here. but u r not broken dont let any 1 say that


we all come from different walks of life and we pick up this broken ness from the things that happen to us there is no such thing as too broken we can all heal ourselves then once we have done that will things begin to look up for us so chin up say lifes a b***h and im ready for anything life throws at me 

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