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Come on in neighbors


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This is a follow up to the story Neighbors to the Rescue.  If you haven't read or care to I will recap the key events...My wife at the time(thirty years or so ago) and I moved into a neighborhood that was pretty close knit.  After a stint of unemployment, my wife was getting on my nerves as well as me on her's.  All out loud fights ensued, every night was a screaming match followed by broken dishes. 

Our neighbors finally had enough and delivered an ultimatum via an anonymous letter slipped under our door.  The letter stated they were sick of our behavior: we were immature petulant children and needed to be punished as such, options of bending over our kitchen table and receiving a bottom reddening spanking or having the sheriff called on us were offered.

Much to my surprise my wife chose the spanking...me, seeing an opportunity to delve into my fantasies was quick to sign on.


Out of the bedroom she came, down the hall carrying a few items, she had just a little too much spring in her step and enthusiasm for this whole enterprise than I was comfortable with.  Was it me, was I crazy or did this shit seem like some x-rated version of  the Stepford Wives?  

She came up to my side and peeled off one of the items dd over her left forearm.  A blue pillowcase, underneath were a green and her bra.  She put her arms into the bra strap and wiggled just a bit I guess to set them in place.  Her breasts were magnificent, white in contrast to the rest of her golden reddish tan.  Her nipples were, if I had to dig back into my childhood memories I would describe them as a color called burnt sienna from the Crayola box...sixty four colors of course!...

Cinching the bra up she went over and pushed the table to the wall.  I asked her "hey what are you doing?. In reply "We have to put the table there so people will have to have room to stand."  I asked," How many people do you think will show ?" "I don't know, maybe the whole neighborhood....I just hope that old dude from across the street doesn't come."  "Who, Joe with the long beard?"  "Yeah, he's just creepy, it would freak me out if he saw my ass..."  "You're a full grown woman who is about to get her ass whipped in less than `five minutes in front of a bunch of people you don't know and your worried about one old coot staring at your ass....you crack me up".

We both took our places at the table being there was less than three minutes left according to the clock on the oven.  She pulled the pillowcase over her head and bent down while putting her hands behind her to pull down her panties revealing those perfectly tanned butt cheeks with a soft downy coat of cute little blonde hairs.

"What are you doing?", I asked.  "C'mon, we have to be ready", she replied.  "If you follow the instructions we're not supposed to do anything until the third knock on the door.", I added.  "How will they know?", She shot back.  "Simple, they can look through the window on the door genius...".   

She stood back up and pulled the pillowcase back on her head until it resembled some Dr. Seuss hat.  "Sorry, I didn't even think about that...", she said.

We stood there waiting in our underwear for what seemed an eternity, finally she spoke up and asked,"  Who do you think will do it?"   "Whad'dya mean?" my response.  "Ya know, who is going to spank us?"  

"I don't know, but I hope it's Paula from next door..."

"Eeeyeew, Paula is nasty, why would you want her to do it?, you're hot for her? aren't you?"

I had watched Paula gardening in her yard from afar...my bathroom window to be specific...watching her tool around her yard in her Daisy Duke shorts and halter top with her cute little white trimmed out in pink sneakers really did it for me.  She didn't get much sun so her skin was almost milk white and her auburn locks got me stiff every time I would see her.  One day while I was having one of the best wank sessions of my life at her expense she suddenly turned and made eye contact with me at the crack in the window.  Not knowing what to do I slammed the window shut and wishfully thought that she couldn't see that far...maybe I was wrong!  She did have an athletically toned---HOT!!!---body and ran at least three miles every day!   I know that because I followed her in my car one day....creepy, I know but a boy has to do what a boy has to do.

Thoughts of Paula wielding a strap or a rod to my bare derriere gave my dong permission to betray me.  I felt the monster coming alive in my jockey shorts.  Swelling up, the head became trapped under the elastic waist band, damn, I thought now everyone will know that this excites me.  Then as stupid as it may seem, my mind wandered off to the appearance of my underwear, was there a skid mark? would anybody notice?....fucked up thoughts in the last moments before battle.

"I hope it's the black couple on that side of us"  she stated pointing at the west window."  "Why is that?", I asked.  

"He is a hot number. I wouldn't mind being his slave for the night.  she's hot too...maybe we can get a three way...ha ha".  To be perfectly honest the thought had crossed my mind...she was in her early forties and he had a buff body, handsome ert not model like,...all in all I had some tendencies and wanted to try some guy on guy stuff and he would be a first stringer for a pick.

The thoughts went through my mind rapid fire, my wife's ass perfectly tanned, her tits...white against a golden tanned body, Paula next door taking a switch to my ass then her's.  The first knock came, we glanced at each other, I could feel the soft hair on her forearms that's how close we were standing.  "Here goes nothing", she said.  On the third knock we dutifully pulled the pillowcases over our heads, bent over the table and reached back to drop our undies.

Putting our arms up and gripping the far side of the table came the unmistakable sound of the doorknob being fumbled with.

Bent over there now in our most *** position and having who knows how many strangers come into our home sort of got the best of me.  My dick sprung into full *** hard on mode, I'm sure I looked quite the sight with that thing tenting up my jockey shorts and my ass hanging out.  I was suddenly relieved of any misgivings for that, over the sound of crunching pottery and glass shards, whispers and noises of people trying to crowd into a small space, I felt my underwear being hoisted downwards towards my knees. At that instance, somebody or somebodies took up position behind the table and started pushing it back into our midsections.  This caused us to take some futile baby steps backwards, glass sharded on the floor prevented any quick movement but we eventually went backwards about two feet.

powerful hands grabbed my wrists and I'm assuming the same for my wife, I heard her groaning and voicing contempt.  The hands pressed my wrists against the table immobilizing me.

For the next few minutes I heard a lot of rustling around, crunching of ceramics under foot and a cavalcade of hushed whispered.  This was all followed by a flurry of cabinet doors, drawers and closet doors being opened and closed. A minute or two passed, some more footsteps, whispers and mumbles both male and female from what I could make out...then a long silence.  The next thing I heard, a swoosh as something went through the air then a sharp crack as the whip contacted the tanned skin on her back.

She let out a scream that curdled the devil's ***.  "why are you whipping my back?" "I'll be good, I promise!"  "It hurts so bad, please stop!" "I'll clean the house, the yard, whatever you want!" came the promises from her a stream of lashes laid down upon her soft skin.

Probably thinking she was safe, I heard her whimpering, panting and crying at the same time.  I heard a bit of a struggle up near my head and her making a gagging sound.  

I heard a sound, it was familiar, ahh! the dish soap bottle being squeezed....two seconds later a struggle and aloud exhaustive cry fro the wife who was effectively gagged.  This went on a for what seemed to be an hour, her rise and fall of *** ....some grunts of what sounded like satisfaction.  Then an abrupt thud, a sound of something weighty and dense being dropped on the kitchen floor.

Suddenly, a swish and a cracking sound as whatever who or they were using contacted her ass cheeks.  Time after time, oaths were swore under gag, she cried, there was nothing I could do for her.  I felt sorry for her but she needed to be punished as much as I.

It was my turn,,,whoever lined up as was I heard the crunching shards being cracked underfoot.  I heard the unmistakable sound of a pointer from junior high school swishing about.  There is no mistaking that sound!

I Think, if I remembered correctly Paula had once told me she was a substitute teacher,  my imagination ran wild!  Was it her?  Was she wearing shorts or that terrific mini-skirt....when she was unleashing it was she thinking about her ex? Taking it out on my behind? Would she have that angry look on her face, the one where she was pissed off at a weed too tough to pull from the garden?

The lash visited my bottom, I screamed, I cried like a little sissy.  The fourth or fifth time I pissed all over, I overheard my captor mumble something to "what the fuck?" as I peed on his shoes.

That rod was laid across my ass a minimum of twenty five times.

We laid there, crying and moaning as everyone made their exit.  We heard the door knob click and the latch make but we remained.  

Twenty minutes or so passed and I was able to pull the pillowcase off of my head.   My brain was in a fog and I could see she wasn't in any better shape.  Looking around the kitchen I could see the bottle of dish

soap on the floor, a huge monstrous black colored dildo that her friends got her for her bachelorette party.  She had a piece of rope tied around her head and her hands were tied behind her back.

I Untied then untied the rope that gagged her.  She was crying and threw her arms around me, "I'm so sorry, I 'll be a better wife...you just watch me!".  "Okay hon, I know you will", I looked around as I helped her to her feet and caught the form of an envelope that had something written on it. 

Written on the envelope:

    Turn off the kitchen lights

    Do not move this envelope or its contents until 10 pm

    we are watching









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Omg! NOoo! Next please!?


Edited by justcurvysub

Interesting but (and I’m sorry) the grammar and spelling mistakes slightly break immersion but I’ll still be watching this space 🧐


No, it can't be the end.  We need to know what was in the envelope and how you 2 changed the direction and dynamic of your lives.  We also need to know if there was any carry-over consequences or experiences from this event.

A great story by the way!


Everything mossyboy said.... Also need to know, what up with the black dildo? Did they use it on the wife already during spankin time or is it going to be used in the next chapter your gonna write soon please 😁😁:cock::vibrator:


Fantastic, exciting and extremely entertaining. Love you story and so want more


Agree with everyone, this can't be the end!!!! So many unanswered questions....more please🙏😁  and thanks for sharing 💗🧚‍♀️


Thank you so much everyone for the comments and constructive criticism.  

*** not, another installment is forthcoming.  Possibly by Friday, Monday at the latest.

The title will be...what else but "The Envelope Please!"....sorry, I couldn't resist.

In the upcoming installment you will meet some of our neighbors on a more personal level as we encounter them in our daily life.  Questions will be answered, things revealed and lessons learned.

Again, thanks for reading and stay tuned.  ;)


3 hours ago, justcurvysub said:

It's Friday and I'm here!😂📖

@justcurvysub I think dear lady you enjoyed the story so far as your eagerness to read the next installment has indicated.  Well let me tell you, I am rather eager as well. :clap::thumbsup::grin:

3 hours ago, MossyBoy said:

@justcurvysub I think dear lady you enjoyed the story so far as your eagerness to read the next installment has indicated.  Well let me tell you, I am rather eager as well. :clap::thumbsup::grin:

Lol you noticed ? 🤣 yes I love reading! Drives me crazy sometimes having to wait for next chapters lol😅😅😅

25 minutes ago, justcurvysub said:

Lol you noticed ? 🤣 yes I love reading! Drives me crazy sometimes having to wait for next chapters lol😅😅😅

Yeah dear lady I noticed ......LOL    But this particular story just has something about it that I don't think I can get enough of   ;)


What's the saying "Good things come to those who wait" or is that "Patience is a virtue" either way I think its clear we are all  "Chomping at the bit" for the next instalment 😁


@PixieDust I know your rather keen to read it as well.  What's that old saying, "A watched pot never boils".


I agree this one feels....different.  excuse my lack of a better way to explain. I dont know. Its almost like how dare these neighbors and at the same time this couple is going to let them?!! In that is what  creates such a sexy, irrational, somewhat suspenseful story. Still I didn't describe my feelings well lol. I'm just loving it😏


On 8/2/2020 at 4:49 AM, justcurvysub said:

I agree this one feels....different.  excuse my lack of a better way to explain. I dont know. Its almost like how dare these neighbors and at the same time this couple is going to let them?!! In that is what  creates such a sexy, irrational, somewhat suspenseful story. Still I didn't describe my feelings well lol. I'm just loving it😏


Dear lady I think you described your feelings really well.  I definitely got the gist of what you wanted to say.

Over the years, I have seen this happen before, and it was an irrational time for those concerned.  They had to do some serious soul searching about what was happening to them.  After a period of time, they both (previous stories and couples) ended up becoming serious subs who grew stronger with their partners and accepted all the trials and tribulations that came their way.  True growth - together.

It would appear we still have to wait for the next installment.:sleeping:

6 hours ago, MossyBoy said:

Dear lady I think you described your feelings really well.  I definitely got the gist of what you wanted to say.

Over the years, I have seen this happen before, and it was an irrational time for those concerned.  They had to do some serious soul searching about what was happening to them.  After a period of time, they both (previous stories and couples) ended up becoming serious subs who grew stronger with their partners and accepted all the trials and tribulations that came their way.  True growth - together.

It would appear we still have to wait for the next installment.:sleeping:

I have to say that was a comment beautifully well written. Thank you for that. Have you written anything here in the forum or else where? 

I'm also waiting patiently for next installment lol...


Don't worry folks, I am putting the finishing touches to it.   I have gotten backed up with work stuff due to this pandemic stuff....my apologies for keeping you waiting.

9 minutes ago, fiploss said:

Don't worry folks, I am putting the finishing touches to it.   I have gotten backed up with work stuff due to this pandemic stuff....my apologies for keeping you waiting.

Laughing.   Mate take your time because I am sure it will be worth the wait.

1 hour ago, fiploss said:

Don't worry folks, I am putting the finishing touches to it.   I have gotten backed up with work stuff due to this pandemic stuff....my apologies for keeping you waiting.

No worries🙂 just playing around a bit. Take your time.


Okay guys, sorry for the delay.  L:et me give you what I have so far.   Hope you enjoy it!


My apologies to all...with this pandemic stuff I got super backed up with work stuff for the end of the month.  I know you have all been waiting to find out what happens to our couple so we will just pick it up right here.


Barring any further interruptions, I present:  The Envelope Please! 


She was up on her feet now, unstable but making headway.  She noticed the envelope in the corner by the oven and made a motion to reach out and grab it.  I grabbed her wrist before she could get to it, "Hey what the hell man, that hurts, what is this shit?", she said.  "Don't touch it!, it's written right on there, they're watching us so who knows what they'll do.", I fired back.

"C'mon, let's go get cleaned up.", I offered.   She turned putting her back towards me.  I must admit I was a bit shocked at what I saw but also put into a state of super arousal.  I've always had fantasies involving domination and submission with mix ups using both sexes but I didn't think it would amount to anything, perhaps a phase or something of that nature.  Boy, oh boy was I wrong!

Etched upon her back was a perfectly executed pattern of cross-hatched welts, not to traumatic, just enough to sting the bejeezus out of you with no long lasting ***.  If there were to be any scars they would definitely be on her ass, that piece of real estate was fire engine red with welt and bruise on top of one another.  There was one place of concern where the skin was actually broken and seeping a small amount of ***, I imagine this would be felt long after as it was right in the fold  under her cheek on top of the back of her thigh.

Her skin was flawless before but now it was perfect!  My mind did a quick replay of the sounds going on during the beating and filled in the blanks of the visuals that I was deprived of.... Paula, of course was installed in the role of brandishing the whip while the black gal next door was relegated to holding her down.  

I noticed there was a glistening liquid on the back of her thighs, my curiosity peaked so I asked,"what is that dripping down your legs?".  She answered,"They stuck that fucking dildo in my asshole and plungered me with it.  Where the fuck were you? Didn't you hear me screaming, those sick twisted fucks!"

She started walking down the hall towards the bathroom and yelled out"I got to take a shower and it feels like I'm gonna shit all over the place, I'll see you in the bedroom!".

I tried to warn her, given her propensity to jump into the shower full steam ahead.  I said,"You may want to..." at that moment a primal scream emanated from the bathroom.  Too late, I added,"ease into the hot water!".

She came into the bedroom, I was laying on the bed on my side and she plopped face down right next to me.  I had set the alarm for 9:45 figuring we would get some sleep before dealing with the dreaded envelope.  She handed me a tube and asked,"Can you gently put some of this on back and ass?"  I obliged and rubbed it out in smooth gentle strokes putting some gauze pads over it as I went along.  Her ass must have been on fire as mine was because the ointment just liquefied as soon as it touched her skin. 

She turned her head towards me and said in a low voice," you know, we needed this."  Halfheartedly I agreed with her and added," They won't get my vote for best Homeowners Association though."  She said,"It was kind of hot though, if you think about it."  I tried to conceal my true thoughts and answered,"so, you think it was hot, how so?"  "Well, to begin with, we don't know who was here, who was watching and who was doing the beating...we will have to face these people some day so it is a big mystery."  "You were doing your fair share of screaming like a little girl and me, everybody got a good view of my gabagol and chocolate starfish when they rammed that fuckwad monster dildo up my ass."  "Hot enough for ya' mister?"

I rolled back toward her to tell her I agreed but she was already asleep.

9:45 came quick, I rolled over and put a stop to possibly the worst sound in the universe.  Pushing her side gently I whispered,"C'mon babe, get up we have to go to the kitchen."  "Alright, I'm up, let's go", she said.

Down the hall to the kitchen we trudged like two zombies coming from a six*** hour shift at the salt mines. She was hunched over and kicked shards of glass out of the way as she navigated towards the stove, I ped on the light switch and center stage was that stupid envelope.

She had made her way over to the far side and took the envelope in hand, opening it she muttered,”let's see what this is all about.”

I made my way over to the fridge and grabbed a beer, she relaxed against the counter as she unfurled the document. One leg bent against the cabinet and her naked body swaying in the harsh florescent lighting gave her an eerie glow. She read the paper, making grunts and a sigh, then an outburst of breath followed by,”You've got to be fuckin' kiddin' me!, sick fuckers!” I watched her motions as she read, by the time she had finished I could tell she was pissed and ready to share her opinion with anybody within earshot.

Her arm extended and I grabbed the paper from her. “What do they mean, they whipped my back so that I will wear more clothes in the future?', 'I've only used that dildo once, have they been watching us the whole time we've been here?'”, she said loudly. “Shssss, baby, please let me read it!”, I asked.

I took the paper and began to read, the text that followed shocked me.



Thank you for letting us assist you in your time of need. Being the caring and family oriented community that we represent we are sure that you will find our meting out of minor disciplinary measures will benefit us all in the future.

Please note that we are a diverse and racially integrated community. We value everyone here, no matter their background or ethnicity.

During your arguments, you have been heard on more than a few occasions to use racial epithets and slurs. This CANNOT AND WILL NOT be tolerated!

We granted you mercy by not inflicting punishment on you or your wife at this time however you will be held accountable in the next session. Additional punishment will be inflicted at the appointed time for any of the following, dirty house (everything must be in order, all dishes washed and put away), yard work completed and up to standard with everybody else...(look at other's yards, ask if you need direction), no yelling and screaming fights, civility towards neighbors and guests (try wishing people a good day or greeting them with a smile!).

We have decided to give you some time to heal, think about what has transpired and clean up your surroundings. Your appointed time is three weeks from today. The same conditions apply, third knock, you shall both be clad in only underwear and drop your undies then assume the position.


Again, thank you for allowing us to help you help yourselves,

Your neighbors

Well, if this didn't beat all. She was leaning against the counter one leg bent propped up, both arms folded under her ample tits. I could see the whip strike that had made it's way across the untanned territory to her aereola was turning into a big purple bruise now. Damn! That must have fuckin' hurt.


“Sick fucks, ain't they?”, she prodded “What did you expect? We took them up on it, where do we go now?”, I said. “You said yourself 'We deserve it', so what do we do now?, I think we should follow through with it. Let them have their game time, we can beat it!”

She said to me,”Wow, you're serious aren't you?” “Yeah. I am. They've already seen all we got, let them have their fun, what are they gonna do, spank us some more?”.

“You're right, we can beat them at their own game”, she said. I admired that about my wife, she was bull headed and nobody on this planet , or any else for that matter was going to tell her what to do or feel.

Again, standing there naked in the kitchen watching here sway leaning against the counter under that horrendous florescent light, my dick betrayed me again. It seemed the only mode this thing knew lately was full blast hard or nothing at all. Knowing I couldn't grasp her beautiful ass without causing a wave of *** I decided to go with my go to action. Slinking across the floor I put one hand on her shoulder and gave her a light kiss on the lips. She reacted with a little surprise but caught on. Her right knee straightened out and her leg dropped to the floor. I kissed down her neck then to her little belly button, extending my tongue, I licked her little soft fur trail all the way down to her bush.

I crouched down and cleared the broken shards of glass clearing some space for my knees to land. Placing my right hand on the floor palm down to steady my position I instinctively turned my other hand palm out and ran it down the her left thigh. An explosion of goosebumps made its way to the surface of her legs along with a soft groan...she let out,”all those people were staring at us, how are we gonna go out in public?” “Very discreetly”I garbled as my tongue reached the back of her clit.

Knowing that full physical contact fucking was off the table, I attacked her pussy like a sumu wrestler at a Chinese buffet. She swore up and down like a sailor. Her knees bent as my hands cupped the back of her thighs and she almost climbed on top of me when the ultimate happened. She squirted on me, I had never had that happen before or since but one of her legs was on my shoulder, the other on the floor and my neck craned at a very inconvenient angle getting pussy juice squirted all over my face. I loved every second of it!!!

She was exhausted, grabbed my head and softly said,”Let's go to bed.” I answered her while brushing myself off of pottery chips,”Good idea, we'll clean this shit up tomorrow.”






Tomorrow?   Mmm me thinks that they will be watching to see 'when this attitude change' is going to kick in, and I think they will notice.  I notice that both have enjoyed some of the 'hot' treatment and now wait to see where things go from here.


A great story mate. 


….And so we continue,,,


The Clean-Up.


Morning arrived with no subtlety. The sunlight filtered through the blinds and seemed to focus with laser like precision on my eyelids. Grunting and groaning from the *** my ass was suffering, I somehow managed to swing myself from the bed and get dressed. She was laying on her belly snoring away so I decided to let her sleep a bit longer. I hobbled on down the hall finally making my way to the kitchen.


I grabbed the stainless steel coffee pot that we had bought a while back and filled it. That was one of the best investments we had made, the glass ones we had purchased had done double duty as flying projectiles. This steel one stood up to the *** and only had a ding or two to show for it. Who knows? Maybe the neighbors were right...it's pretty silly to destroy your own possessions during an argument.


Either the smell of the coffee or the noise I made cleaning woke her, she lumbered out into the kitchen and grabbed for a Styrofoam cup above the sink. Cups and saucers were sought after ammunition in our dishware wars. Cups were used as mortar rounds, valued for their ability to be lobbed in a high arc. This was enough to flush your opponent from hiding behind a door or any other cover on the battlefield. Saucers were prized for their ability to be flung at high velocity in on a flat trajectory, this was especially useful for taking out a fast moving target such as an enemy running for cover. Anyway, that's why we didn't have a cup nor a glass anywhere to be found.


She grunted something unintelligible as she grabbed the coffee pot and turned her back towards me. The X pattern they put on her back was now a mess of geometrically aligned black and blue marks with some scabs forming. Her poor butt cheeks were a real mess. They were bruised with straight rows of scabs covering the mid portion of her cheeks all the way down to the top of her thighs. Comfortable sitting would not be an option for her for at least two weeks.


I told her,”Maybe,,you should put on a robe or something, they may be watching.” She replied,”Yeah, I guess they would be, bunch of psychos, I'll be right back.” She slugged back towards the bedroom returning a few moments later wearing her bathrobe,” I suppose I'll start cleaning in here, what are you gonna do?”, she asked. I said,” I will clean up the yard and cut the grass. I will have to get a mower someplace and take a trip to the hardware store to get clippers and a few other things.” “Why don't you ask they guy next door if you can borrow his mower, what's his name? Carl or Charles, oh well, just go ask him.”, she said.


Outside I went to begin the tasks associated with yard work, nothing I hated more. You really don't know how big a piece of land is until you have to bend over to pick up every piece of trash on it. I consoled myself with another coffee and got to the task at hand.


Walking through the gate into the yard I encountered my first task, picking up like a million acorns from the sidewalk and patio area. There is a huge oak tree that must be one hundred years old if it's a day. Four foot in diameter with huge gnarled limbs jutting off it starting about ten feet high this tree just had the appearance of being angry and pissed off at the world because this is where it ended up. The only way it could express it's dissatisfaction with the whole situation in general was to constantly shit millions of acorns to impale the feet of any unsuspecting passerby s. I would definitely need a rake for all this horseshit, perhaps Miss Paula next door would lend me one.


We were nearing the end of the summer but there was still no relief from the stifling heat, two hours into picking up trash and pulling out weeds I was soaked from top to bottom in sweat.


Miss Paula


I heard a sound of a screen door being shut and looked over into the next yard, it was Paula stepping out onto her back porch. Clad in her short cutoff denims, white sneakers and a pink halter top, her physique stopped me cold. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She waved at me and said something I couldn't understand. Being on the far side of my yard, I instinctively cupped one hand to my ear in the universal I can't hear you sign and motioned that I would be over to her in a moment.


Looking at her white skin glistening in the sunlight and imagining the things I would love to do to her didn't make my short trip any easier. My cock started swelling the moment I saw her and I found it quite difficult to try and hide my boner and keep walking without making it appear obvious.


I made it to the fence where she was waiting with one arm propped on top of the chain link in a very relaxed manner. “Good morning, how are you neighbor?”, she asked. “Oh, I'm good, a bit sore but otherwise alright.”, I answered as I was making a motion to emphasize an imaginary *** in my shoulder. “May I ask a favor of you?”, I inquired. “Sure, what is it?” “May I borrow a rake to tame all those acorns over yonder ma'am?” “Sure thing and let's not be so formal, call me Paula, I introduced myself to you when you moved in, we're all friends here, right neighbor?”, she quipped. “I suppose so Paula.”, I replied.


She moved or rather swayed in a sultry type way up to her shed and returned with a rake. She took her place by the fence and planted the handle end of the rake in the dirt and propped one foot up on a bucket that was by the fence. A viking goddess proclaiming a newly discovered land for her tribe was the picture in my mind. Looking at the sun reflecting off of her perfect white thigh perched on that bucket, the power she had in her toned body, my dick almost lost it. I was about to cum in my pants when she interrupted my reverie with a clearing of her throat. “Here's the rake you asked for neighbor, anything else I can get for you?” She handed it over the fence to me and I clumsily grappled it and put it aside.


“Paula, didn't you tell me that you were a substitute teacher a while back?”, I asked. She responded,”well, I used to be....I'm a life coach now.” “That's interesting, what does a life coach do?”, I was genuinely curious. “Let's see, when people's lives go off course from what they were expecting, career, family or any number of other ways....I guess I listen to them and give them steps to get back on their original course.”, she said.


The theater in my mind was now playing a blockbuster...What if it were Miss Paula Beating My Sorry Ass! Although I was genuinely interested to find out what the fuck a Life Coach does, I couldn't stand it any longer...my cock had commandeered all the communications nodes to my brain. The only messages I received were pornographic imagery of me down on my knees, naked and begging as Miss Paula dressed in a black leather miniskirt with thigh high matching boots and vest, wielded a whip relentlessly across my hunched body. Punishment poured on as a cabal of her equally sexy cronies witnessed and mocked me while sipping their drinks from long stemmed wine glasses. I needed to exit stage left, sooner than later, before I shot my load. If that happened I would have groaned, passed out due to the lack of *** going to my brain then fell on my back like a possum.


My ass was on fire, the sweat soaked briefs I was wearing tightened and twisted adding exponentially to the sensation. The elastic waist band twisted and contorted in some conspiracy to twist my ball sack into a knot. I stumbled back towards the oak tree as I turned and waved to Paula,” I'll give it back later, gotta get back to work, thanks.” “No problem neighbor, any time keep it for as long as you need it, always here to help!”, she shot back.


I made my way to the tree and put my hand on its bark, “how 'bout that piece of tail old boy!”, I said to it mockingly. The tree stood there as it had done for god knows how many years and a gentle breeze came flowing from between the buildings that brought some measure of relief from the heat. The limbs on the giant oak shimmered and shuffled in the breeze and faster than I could say “what the fuck...” a million more acorns rained down upon the patio.


Fiploss I am enjoying this story immensely.  I can see so much happening within the minds of the participants, and wonder how much of that mental activity will carry over into their lives. 

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