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Poetry and Rhymes.


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I would like to start a Poetry and Rhymes thread.   All types of poetry and rhyme belong here, from the kinky to the non kinky, from romantic and serious, to plain humorous or silly.

I admit I am no Wordsworth or Coleridge, but as I am not adverse to scribbling my own bits of poetry and rhyme, I would share it here.

I welcome contributions from any budding poets on the forums please.....


Once Upon a Time....(a modern fairy tale).


In a country far away upon a mountain high,

Sat a castle grey and tall, so proud against the sky.

The Lady of the castle had been flirting with the butler,

And the servants had neglected chores and partied like no other,

These unruly charges had their way for far too long, 

And they thought their nightly razzmatazz could always carry on.

But one evening, while the Ale was on its merry rounds

Their ears were keenly opened to a new, unnerving sound.

For yonder on the cobblestones the sound of hooves were heard 

The carriage doors swung open and keen footsteps did emerge.

The Master of the house had come back sooner than expected,

And he was determined he'd be honoured and respected. 

The servants - drunk and slovenly - they all began to flee,

And the Mistress, she was shaking, for she'd go across his knee.

So his clicking boots were heard once more towards her Chamber door,

And they creaked the planks and hinges of the stately wooden floor.

The Mistress' door swung open wide, his cloak he threw aside,

Then he looked her slowly up and down and gave a knowing sigh -

He ordered her to come to him with sharp, commanding lines  -

And the rest I'll leave to readers' imaginative minds.

But in the morn' they both arose to saddle up the mares,

Then ventured out upon the moor 'midst many curious stares,

For his Lady's face grew red and flushed when seated on the Saddle,

And hoped she'd ride,  intact her pride, amongst the village babble.

Tammy. N.


Ode to a fallen comrade

When you did fall, your loss was profound
My heart, it did sink, deep into the ground.
Try as I might to waken your sleep
Nothing does work your slumber too deep.

Try as I might it's a deep lost sad cause
Making me think and making me pause
Why do you sleep when I need you so bad
"Wake" I do shout but again I am sad

Do not desert, do not leave me now
Flacid and soft, I ask you why how?
Wake my old friend, it's time for some play
Hard and rough sex, promised this day

Viagra a help but no guarantee
Of making you hard, let's try it and see
Harder you are, a smile on my face
You awake once again, a tool in its place.

The lost has returned, to it's rightful home
And here this is why, I'm writing this tome
Taking the mick, words causing some fun
Now I'm rock hard, you need protect that tight bum.


That's alright.  You can share them here as well.  A double chance of reading your poetry!

2 minutes ago, E-dUbBs said:

All mine are already in the forum 😔


1 minute ago, TammyNatalia said:

That's alright.  You can share them here as well.  A double chance of reading your poetry!


I’ll have to find them lol

3 minutes ago, E-dUbBs said:


Beautiful poem and timely. Thanks for sharing.

Posted (edited)

A Limerick?

I once owned a girl whom enjoyed being fisted.
Her quim would drool at the sight of my hand.
I'd stretch her all night...
...she'd put up no fight...
...and in the morning she'd be tight again.

Edited by Cade
2 minutes ago, TammyNatalia said:

Beautiful poem and timely. Thanks for sharing.

Will find my others 



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Poetry n ryhmes?

Now ,that rings chimes,

Arcane rythmics times?


Mouth drools, nay slimes!

Ding dong! Pens' chimes....

🙏 great ideas, loving all the above posts....thank you!

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"I know why she cries."

To naive eyes,
one might think
it's all about
the ***,
the harm,
the victimization,

but I know why she cries.

Those that watch
may even believe
it's due to
the intensity,
the severity,
the extreme,

but I know why she cries.

Among my peers,
that are so dear,
attribut'e it to
my ability,
my talent,
my skill,

but I know why she cries.

Even her vantage,
so deeply entwined,
could believe it's
my design,
my desire,
my passion,

but I know she cries because that's how much I love her.


My secret woman.
She does things for me no one else can.
She smooths my frazzled ego with her warm perfumed breath.
She soothes my manic brain with her soft and gentle touch.
She twists calm and excitement in a magical blend.
In her presence I melt far away with no need to pretend.
Drew March 2020


Sigma,alphas' nemesis?

"Growling";beaters close in....wolf hunt begin!

" Prowling"; cave retreat in...wolf hunted,grin!

"Howling";***s turn within...wolf trap, sin!

"Scowling"; cage cornered pin...wolf tail,chasin'!

"Cowering"; defend crouched spin...wolf bowed,win?

"Glowering";  majorities huddled kin...wolf pounces,chagrin!

"Drowning"; sanguine above din....wolf surrenders,SKIN!.......

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Ode to a cunning linguist....reprised.

hosiery's bare covering,ripping

Honey's pot,warm joy dripping

proud puff'd pussy pout,lipping

eager tongue Stud hunts,slipping

clitoral glory erected,senses gripping

sucker fastened,inhales mind flipping

beyond time,climatic cum tripping

Afterglow, savour moistness sipping.....

Edited by Boldbald

What do you mean?

I am tied underneath you
while you squeeze and pull and slap and pinch
and hear me gasp
and watch me flinch.
I know that it won't stop until I've made you come.
The closer I bring you
the worse it will get
but there is only one way out.
You will soar and I will sink.
A mirror of *** and pleasure.
You go faster, meaner.
I cry louder.
You echo.
Intensity feeding intensity.
Struggling for real,
for a moment.
I give you this gladly,
your final push.
Then you are gone.
It takes all of two people
just for one to reach.
That place is still mine
even if I cannot enter.
That is what I mean.


Bipolar Angels
the pressure of speech is now within reach
a cacophonic choir raising hell,
empty a bottle to drown out my ears
raise a glass to my old battered ***s.
the manic Angels are out playing tonight
on wings of gold and silver delight.
heads up to madness, I've been here before
tossed on that brutal, beautiful shore
Drew May 2020

1 hour ago, Drewxs said:

Bipolar Angels
the pressure of speech is now within reach
a cacophonic choir raising hell,
empty a bottle to drown out my ears
raise a glass to my old battered ***s.
the manic Angels are out playing tonight
on wings of gold and silver delight.
heads up to madness, I've been here before
tossed on that brutal, beautiful shore
Drew May 2020

That was a lovely poem.  Thanks.


monday weeks, nothing speaks
alone at last behind a mask
my heart besides your long lost smiles
our love is forged once more in rhyme
along the shore of dream and more
to meet again in love adore


feel too much you break your heart
feel to deep you fall apart
die a little day by day
all you do is pray and pray
for a different better way
for a little peace and understanding
heartbreak and tears all around you
as you come to terms with the new reality
pretend you no longer feel at all


trophy wives require desire
to which you all aspire
in the mornings flagellation
of a kind thats past it’s time
in the past it’s use has festered
in a time when it sequestered
newspapers full of jealousy and hate
piling up at your fancy gate
your gross desires you sate and sate
ever more elaborate
never able to ejaculate
as you forever mastubate


She calls me late at night

 says she’ll miss me as she’ll sleep

She texts me in the morning

says I’m hers she’s mine to keep

she says she really cares for me

among other things

puts a smile on my face

whenever my phone rings


so just one question

Who Is She


We’ll talk about stupid stuff

And giggle away for hours

Smell the roses, Feel the rain

And steal garden canes  from flowers

We’l drink tea or coffee

Still in bed in no rush at all

Until she reaches deep under the sheets

And begins it all


Just one question

Where is she


I’ll run my fingers through her hair

My hand on her face

Feel the sudden exhale from her

As the flogger finds its place

She’ll struggle in her bonds

but eventually she’ll give

knowing this isnt just our life

its the way we choose to live


so the question circles round

 and round and once more again

not only don’t I know who she is

but where is she then


where is she then


as usual love it hate it, shoot me down for it, as long  as ur talking about it its done its part


Another setback

Another turn down 

Another mess about 

Another run around 

I can’t take 

the come down

So let’s not


Il send a message 

maybe 3

Talking laughing joking

Naughty E 

If you can’t deal 

you don’t want me

So let’s not 


Evil - nice

Bad and good 

Soft as silk hard like wood 

If you can’t deal 

Don’t think we should 

So let’s not 


Goodbye can be 

a powerful word

Causing chasms left unheard

So if leaving without it

Is preferred 

Tell you what.....

Let’s not


Let’s not


like loathe shoot me down in flames as long as you talking about it it’s served it’s purpose 

3 minutes ago, E-dUbBs said:

Couple of mine from way back when 

Both very nicely done.  A pleasure to read.

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