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Cultural Differences


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Cultural differences

Evening everyone 
I wanted to ask you all about cultural differences in Ds and Cultural differences in chat  

As we know this site has members from all over the world 

We have old school Doms and subs who were involved pre internet explosions 

We have folk who have online relationships only 

So the world is truly your oyster whatever you are seeking 

My question is are there cultural differences across the lifestyle 

Do we use the same language and terminology when we are talking about Ds and our experiences .... of course we will always have everyday language that’s different eg crisps in UK , chips in USA 

Do we used the same approaches , manners and etiquette .... sadly my experiences are very mixed particularly in how I am approached , when is it ever polite to correct someone’s spelling after a few messages

In chat is there significant cultural differences in how we interact with people initially .... when someone says I am demanding , are they really demanding or is that rudeness or and excuse to send you sexualised chat within minutes  

I would love to hear your views or experiences 


BDSM is both universal and relative - apply the same concepts but individual definitions.

However, you could also argue BDSM is generational- concepts and ideas either die out or evolve. 

There will be individual etiquette within different sections of BDSM - take the definition of a Master and chart its evolution.

In terms of communication, BDSM to some degree is a reflection of society - this is a internet age. Historically, individuals were reliant on other ways to communicate with people.

Individuals now are seeking a more immediate connection and interaction, which mean individuals don't necessarily comprehend boundaries, respect and manners.






One of the biggest differences between cultures is what kinks are we into. The newer generation have different kinks that, for the majority, didnt exist back then. The biggest example I can think is the Furry Fandom.
The way we text also differs. It's not uncommon for someone to respond right away. Sometimes it seems inappropriate to do so.
While ultimately I don't think these gaps create a significant separation between cultures, it currently makes the bdsm community as a whole and it's subgenres more interesting.


I think culture sometimes unfortunately and also as a blessing goes hand in hand with tradition. And whether culture is influenced heavily upon beliefs is another story completely. Based upon that I do believe kinks vary across the world and possibly even specials based upon the location and the influences surrounding it. For example tantra would be India, and possibly the D’s in then areas practice is with passion. Naturally there are other kinks and fetishes that people have all across the world. It’s wonderful you raised this up as this maybe gives an opportunity for more people to bring to light what kinks and fetishes they have in there corner of the world and share it with us.

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