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Paddys Garden The Gazebo


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The gazebo 

In Paddy's garden,  many an hr is passed sitting under the shade of his gazebo. 
Enjoying the delicious delight of his garden with protection from the sun and  some harsh elements,  but not all.
Paddy enjoys the protection it gives.

A simple structure,  , 10 x 10 metal .
Hand built by Paddy, 
It stands tall and proud,  ready to do its duty
And hot to the touch in the mid day sun. 

There is always more than meets the eye in paddys garden,  as you can clearly be told. 

A few simple tasks done by Paddy , made his pure and simple gazebo,  
A rein***d suspension frame ,capable of holding several female forms.
To do with as they want .

it's all about that constant wanting in paddys garden. 
You must want to enter and enjoy the wicked and sinful delights that he provides 

And paddy has nothing but time to fill, as he lies back listening to his music- waiting for that eventual ding on his phone , saying someone wants to play. 

And sometimes,  that dinging can be a bit much for paddy.

Sometimes as he smiles 

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