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Sir... Chapter 5..What sluts get

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What sluts get

A good week? I think so, I ponder as I pack. A little teasing…yes, a little flirting…yes, but Sir knows that is just me, it was on my profile, after all, I was blunt about what I am. I frown and nibble my lip, last weekend was a stark lesson that Sir was not to be trifled with, and yet, here I am about to do it again!  I do not mean to be bad, or mischievous, it is just me, I get a thrill out of teasing and flirting. I hear my mum’s words in my head as I look up at the Dress, “you child, are a caution. “I smile, reach for the dress, and fold it neatly into the case. Yes, mum, I am.  I had over the years learned that I could pretty much get whatever I wanted, with the right male, with nothing other than what I was born with. I also learned it could be dangerous too, and obsession was only one step away from desire. But here I was again, playing on the dangerous side. This one, I thought, was worth the risk.

I closed the zip, slapped the case, done I heaved a sigh, almost ready. This week Sir would find out his demure, feminine kitten had just a little more to her. I am a good sub, yes, but I want, no, need to flirt, and dance and tease as much as kneel and serve and obey. I could offer so much more if allowed too. Sir was a lifestyle Dom, and they are the hardest to work out because everything they are is natural, not learned or researched or discussed, it’s just who they are, naturally. But, for the first time in a long time, I wanted my Dom to see and embrace all of me, he had got to places inside me that others had failed too, he had manipulated me expertly, his control was subtle but inventive and unyielding. He deserved to know I was not the perfect prim little sub I had been, he deserved to see the strong-willed, opinionated, flirty, cheeky, teasing little slut I could be. It was a risk, he may not like this side of me, but, he must be wondering by now, just when that minx was going to come out to play, and I needed to know if he could control her. He felt worthy, I needed to know he was before I surrendered the parts of me, I kept so closely hidden and protected. So, standing and looking in the mirror I smile my best sexy lip biting, eye staring smile and raised my head…here we go Pagan, let’s give Sir a taste of the rest. My nipples tingle at the thought and I smile again as I turn on my heels.
As I drive, I thought back to the conversation, how I had slipped in the incident with the dress. I had had a previous engagement for the weekend and we would have to wait another week to meet, this apparently was unacceptable and Sir decides he would have to come down mid-week, two weeks was too long a wait to see his sub. I bite my lip, remembering the only mark against me this week was the Video. I had to record myself playing and the video recording did not save…Sir was not happy, but he seemed to have got over it, and for the rest of the mid-week meet we chatted, fucked and I brought the conversation round to the dress. I knew he would not be able to resist wanting to see it, and initially, I was a bit disappointed he only wanted pics, but I would take it anyway. I had been propositioned in that dress, it barely covered my ass cheeks and the layered material shimmied as I walked and accentuated every curve.  My long legs looked longer and the highest of heels finished it off. No jewelry or adornments were necessary it just needed to be worn right. In the end, he had said bring it and I had been happy to oblige, another grin crossed my lips, hopefully, he would get to see what I could do in the dress too. I had for months over lockdown been practicing my type of dance, sexy heels, chairs, I had put my hips to good use and worked hard. I was hoping for a bit more time to perfect it, but tonight, if I was lucky would be a good night. The thought of teasing Sir with a lap dance brought instant wetness to my pussy and I clenched, mmmm, yes, I was so fucking horny. Tonight, tonight I was hoping Sir would get a taste of just what he had let himself in for. Tonight, the girl was locked away, and the vixen was out to play. 

I arrive on time, now negotiating the mad streets like a true city chick. I park, Sir is running a little late, so I saunter off to the shop for a bit of food and drink. Ambling into the foyer the manager greets me as a familiar face, and I walked past to the lounge chairs, noticing eyes follow me as I go. The Native is starting to feel like my weekend home, and I amaze myself at how easily I have slipped into the new weekend routine. I walk to where Sir sits, he is on the phone. I wait, standing until he beckons me to sit. “Please Sir, can I just nip to the ladies?” “Can you wait Pagan, till we are upstairs?” “Yes Sir.” I am desperate, but eager to please, especially as I have still failed to get the video to play. We chat for a couple of minutes and I am given the key card and instructions and we make our way to the apartment. This weekends is bigger, roomier I note as I enter the hall, I amble off to the bedroom, passing the toilet with longing. I strip as ordered and inert my tail, fuck the plug is cold and I stifle a laugh as I put on my ears. My nipples have responded, and they tighten and tingle, Its slightly chilly, but I have a feeling I will not be cold for long. 
I crawl to the lounge and position myself on the pillow in front of Sir, flicking my tail behind me as I do. I observe my surroundings. The food and water bowl neatly positioned against the wall by the table. The blanket and matching pillow spread on the floor, the litter tray, tucked away in the corner of the room, oh god please, please let there not be a crate!!! To my relief, there is no crate. I sigh as I kneel before my Sir. 
This is all new, we play, I am a kitten and he has me chase my toys, eat, and drink from my bowl and, for my first time ever, pee in a litter tray. So at least I know why I was not allowed to use the toilet. When you are desperate, and after chasing a mouse around for half an hour, anything will do!  On the plus side, I get to tease, flirt, and be disobedient, as any little kitten would be. I scratch and bite and refuse to return my toys. I’m enjoying this very much. I can see the appeal now as once again my ass is given a playful slap for splashing the ball into my water bowl. I giggle my dirtiest laugh and Sir shakes his head as I splash the water bowl again and scramble off out of the reach of his descending hand.

We laugh and giggle and Sir leans in towards me as I kneel with my head on his lap. Stroking my hair he asks ever so softly…” Do you believe Pagan, that no matter what happens, I will always make sure you are safe in the end?” I think, unsure where this has come from, but his hand is soft and reassuring, no tension is detected…I answer honestly, “Yes Sir.” He lifts my chin, “Truthfully Pagan, this is important to me, I need to to know, no matter what you will always be ok.” “ Yes Sir, Yes I do, I trust you.” And I mean every word. Sir kisses me and then I am ordered to change. New dress, new bodice Sir had bought me, now is my chance. I leave my phone at the side of the TV and go to change, excited and just a bit nervous. I return in Sir's chosen dress for the evening, the highest of heels, my stockings just peeking below the hem and my hair loose around my shoulders. Sir admires me as I turn for him and smile through my lightly bitten lip. And as if by magic Sir comments that the only thing missing was a lap dance. I gleam, my eyes dance, and my lip curls. I can feel myself moisten at the thought. “Would Sir like a lap dance?” A nod and a grin say it all. I flip on the music I had saved on my phone. ‘I bring me’ starts to play, and I walk away towards the wall. My hips move to the rhythm, my ass shakes, and I turn to walk to Sir, slowly, sexily, each step to the beat, and with a hunger in my eyes. For the next 10 minutes, Sir is mine, trapped in my snare, held fast, grounded to the chair by my grinding and shaking and swinging of hips. I slowly remove my dress, one shoulder at a time, I turn and slip it down inch by inch, turning as it finally drops to my ankles revealing the bodice under.  I see the desire build as I disobey protocols and stare into his eyes, giving him, that look, boldly, smugly before I drop in front of him. Legs wide, squatted, I snake my way up his body, eyes fixed on his, my cheekiest grin highlighted by the brush of my tongue as I continue to move upwards. Eyes still fixed, body pressing against his, I brush his nose, as I lift myself and run my breasts up his face. I lower my warm wet pussy down to his crotch, legs spread to his sides and I move over him, his hands held to his sides, my chest just out of his reach, I dance and arch myself away from him, revealing my wetness as I lie back exposed. Then I lift again, flip and I am moving my ass towards him, flicking it from side to side. I can hear him, feel his heat, his desire building. 
As I walk away giggling, I turn off the music, I am surprised and delighted. His face says it all, but his control and composure are impeccable. Why I am not on the floor under him by now I do not know. That was good, his face and his heart rate say it was good, so why? 

He raises saying he needs some fresh air; I can see the sweat on his face. As he leaves the room, I turn to prepare tea and run the evening so far through my head. I had done good, I knew I had, I read his response well, but his control and how little he had touched me this evening mystified me, a thought strikes me and I look around the room, there were no toys, non, no ropes, no harness, no restraints, nothing? Its time to put on the dress. 
I hear the door open and I take a breath in, hoping he will understand why I am not on my knees as he enters. I steel a glimpse at his face, I can see that look in his eyes again, maybe tea was not such a good idea while I’m wearing this, I turn on my heels and fake a courtesy, he admires me. “Yes, I can see how you would get propositioned in that” he comments as he has me walk and turn for his pleasure. “ Mmmm It certainly shows you in a different light Pagan, in fact,” he sighs as he lowers himself to the table and I serve him, “the whole night has opened my eyes to a different side of you.” I smile mischievously, Oh yes, it’s working. 

We eat and chat as protocols are lifted and then Sir leaves for another cigarette and I start the clear up. My phone rings and I pick it up, its Sir! What the fuck! He never calls!! “Hi Pagan, check your messages please, “and he is gone. I look at my . ‘Pagan I would like you to join me for some fresh air. Remove all your underwear and keep the dress on. Meet me outside the side door, Sir.’ Fuck. I scramble out of my underwear and return the dress. Dam this is so short, it barely covers my ass! What is he playing at? I glance in the mirror, fuck. I can feel my tight nipples brushing against the thin fabric, the draft through my legs, flowing over my moist lips…dam. I needed a release so bad, why was he making me wait? How, how was he going to keep resisting? I turn on my heels and walk to the door,” head up girl, you’ve handled worse, let's do this.” I grin, lick my lips and head out.
Sir takes my hand and we walk. I am conscious of everything. The air is warm, the wind, teasing, the street full of the sounds of nightlife. He leads me along the pavement, the pace to brisk for my heels and I struggle to keep my poise as we head away from town. My confusion is growing as Sir starts to talk in his calm collected voice. “You like the apartments Pagan, the restaurants, the gifts, the comforts?” “yes Sir?” Shit where was he going with this, I stumble, and Sir continues onward as I try and regain my balance, pulling me closer. “This, “he says gesturing towards the dress, “is what sluts wear Pagan, this,” again at my attire, “does not get nice apartments or fancy restaurants.” “No Sir”, OH fuck what was he doing. I can feel my nerves rising as the grip of his hand on mine becomes uncomfortable and insistent. The pavement takes a turn to the right, aged streetlights make it difficult to navigate my heels, my eyes unable to dart away from the pavement long enough to observe my ever-growing quieter and darker path. My nipples are hard and sensitive, but from the arousal of my condition or the *** building somewhere deep inside I cannot tell. The draft flowing between my thighs still meeting with enough moisture to chill my thighs and keep me alert to my arousal. Girl, what the fuck is wrong with you, seriously, now!
“Sluts, Pagan,” Sir pulls me harshly forward, I stumble and his arm is round me, steadying me, then his hand is on my shoulder, gripping tightly as he continues, “ sluts get dark streets and back alleys, they don’t deserve the good things you enjoy.” I gasp as he moves me off the pavement and onto the road. I see the van, parked near a tree, alone, isolated, on a crummy little insignificant car park. I brace myself and dance my eyes over the scene, no voices, no street life, no footsteps accept our own, no light other than a distant streetlight and the white of the van. Sirs hands are firm, ushering me forwards as I start to resist. “Sluts, Pagan, get taken in places like this, this is what they deserve.” Fuck, not here, not behind some crummy van in a dark alleyway, no, not me, outside is one thing but this is …. awful. I resist again, my *** subsides a little and I can feel the vixen starting to stir deep inside, if Sir wants to take me here, he will get a fight. We are behind the van now, Sir pushes me against it as he continues to tell me what a slut I am… the indicator lights flash on the van as he squashes me into the doors…shit...I giggle, the alarm will go off, and then…

The Van door opens, oh fuck, Sir's hand on my shoulders, gripping firmly, no, fuck hell NO. “Pagan, get in, GET IN!!.” I am bundled in the van, the door closes before I have time to turn, I am scrambling to my knees as Sir pushes past and I am thrust forward and face down. I hear his voice as I turn in the dark, tears starting to well, scrambling for the door…” Don’t try and run Pagan, this will happen one way or another, this is what sluts deserve.” I grab for the door, searching for a handle, my heart is racing, I feel trapped, claustrophobic, I need to get out. The light goes on and I am blinded, I jump as his hands take hold and drag me backward and to my feet, my heels catch on the van floor and I have no choice but to lean on him for support, he takes his chance and I am against something. My eyes start to focus, I see the van roof, and ropes, clips, I watch as my hands are secured into then unable to resist, I am in a daze, disbelief at what is happening to me. I am straddled against my cold metal captor and unsteady, struggling to keep my balance and stop the ropes from digging in my wrists. Sir falls silent, as he always does when he prepares me, fuck, calm yourself, breathe. Tears flow.
My head is jerked back, his hands rough and unforgiving, my neck stretched as I hold the ropes to stop them biting. His other hand holds my jaw and slaps my face, “this is what sluts get Pagan. This he moves his hand down my body towards my sprawled legs, this, is for my eyes only.” Oh, fuck, “Yes Sir…yes Sir” His hand slaps my pussy, hard, I flinch. He releases my head hard against my captor. A rustle and then he is back, lifting my dress, “this” SLAP, I jump, fuck, “is mine, Pagan.” SLAP I wince, he is not holding back, shit, if he is starting off this hard, where the fuck is he going with it nerves rise, I feel the *** growing and the vixen retreating to her warmth deep inside as the heat swells between my legs. I bury my head and wait for the next blow, my nipples pushed into the cold steel…you are one twisted fuck girl….” Yes Sir, your's Sir” and the blows reign down. 
I twist my head, searching for a hint of what is to come next, my damp hair is sticking to my face, my breath is ragged, I can feel the tension building in Sir, feel his desire, taste it. My nipples are aching, and my pussy is crying out. The *** in my ass burning as Sir switches the tools of my ***, he grabs my head again. “Who does this belong to Pagan? Who owns this?” Sir shakes my head hard as he tugs at the dress, “You Sir, it belongs to you.”
 The cane swishes against my skin…
“What are you pagan?” “I’m a slut, Sir.” “Who’s slut, Pagan?” “Your slut Sir.” “Yes pagan, and this is for my eyes only?” “Yes Sir.” The blows keep coming, I am getting close, I need to cum, how the fuck do I ask when he is so intent on this lesson. Them the blows stop, and as if he knows, they start again, the paddle hitting my pussy square on, pulling a cry from my lips. Again, and again he strikes, mercilessly, with intent, I beg, he pulls my head back, “what was that Pagan?” “Please, Sir.” Thrusting my head into my captor he is behind me, and in me…hard, fast and relentless, I can hear his breathing, the desire, lust and I burst, I cannot hold, burying my head into the leather head of my metal restraint I let out a cry as Sir issues one last warning as he releases. “This… is mine.” I sigh and smile to myself, I think he likes!

I whimper as he releases me. My feet unsteady, trembling still, he rubs my wrists as I sink to my knees and he holds me. His hand brushing my face, his lips on my lips, and we stay there for what feels like an eternity. When I am ready, we stumble out of the van and he leads me once more by the hand, this time gently, softly, and slowly back to the Native. The air is crisp, the street quiet. I shiver against the breeze as it sweeps over my damp skin. He hugs me, and we chat.
 The shower is hot and the sex more sensual as Sir takes his fill while the water tingles my spine. He washes me, I wash him, dry him, and several glasses of wine and a shit load of chocolate later we are snuggled up for the night. I lay in Sirs arms and look at the bricks on the ceiling. I am, exhausted, but content. I ponder over the night. I had my agenda, he had his. My lesson was learned, but I learned another lesson, one I would not forget. This was no longer a game, a play or a scene. This was real and Sir was not to be messed with. My shaman niece had warned me when I asked her for a reading…Behave with this one Pagan, he will not tolerate your games. You have met your match. I smiled, closed my eyes, and looked forwards to the mornings' relaxed atmosphere. Finally, it took me long enough!

I promise no more long chapters. From here we take a turn and I will introduce you to my *** sub. I am still writing with length, but with other intentions for it. And to be honest, there is so much fun to come… well, you will see, I will leave you breadcrumbs, there is enough to go round.


Let this serve as a lesson to all you subs out there that think you can put one over on your Dom, if he has done his homework he will see this coming a mile off, in fact he is banking on it. All the time Pagan was teasing me, all trough the sexy eye contact the lip biting and the lap dance, one thing was on my mind, you carry on girl but I know by the end of this evening you are going to be a fucking mess. 


Fantastic description like always pagan, felt as if I was a pervy fly watching it all unfold before me.
The way you place the environment, like wow.
Always a pleasure never a chore to.read your work
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Good lesson!!! Thank you both for sharing.🙏

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