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An EXCITING Evening.


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I was exhausted from a long day of teaching. It was a rainy day, so the students were extra ramped up. As I kicked off my shoes, I hear my phone vibrate. Which reminds me on yeah, I can turn the ringer back on. I glance at my phone to see a message from HIM.

We have only been seeing each other for a month. To everyone from the outside looking in, we look like a typical couple. But they don't truly know the dynamic between us.

I look down at my phone. <Reads: Are you ready?>

I don't think anything of it. I place my phone on the counter as I get ready to go change and get comfy. Thinking tonight is a glass of wine, maybe a chick flick and relax kind of evening, expecially after today. My phone now chimes. I walk back over to it to see another message from you.

<Reads: Are you ready? I will not ask a third time.>

I'm thinking woah, what is he talking about. Geez. Ready for what? I place my phone down again because I have no idea what he means, plus I really want to get out of these damp clothes. I need a moment to think anyways and I figure I could multitask. Trying to recall if we had a prior arrangement or plans for tonight,  while I change my clothes. But then... My phone chimes again!

<Reads: DO NOT play games with me Ma Charie. I see you read my messages. Do not make me wait for an answer.>

[He calls me Ma Cherie which translate to: my darling in English. He gave it to me because he said I'm so sweet, which reminds him of Cherries which lead to Ma Cherie.]

At this point, I'm starting to get annoyed and I'm utterly confused.

I hastily respond:< I might be! >

I know it's not the answer he wanted but he got an answer none the less.

Instantly my phone chimes.

<Reads: I told you to not play games! Go get ready now! I'll be there in 15 minutes. Also, you will be punished for your catty response.>

I slammed my phone down. What the f***. Now I'm irritated. I have no idea what hes talking about and theres no way I can get ready in 15 minutes. I don't even know what to wear or the attire I need wear. Then I hear my phone chime...

<Reads: wear the black lace dress, my favorite panties of yours. You can pick the bra. Wear your hair down.>

*I roll my eyes* then before I put my phone down it reads:< DON'T ROLL YOUR EYES!>

Ugh! It irritates me that he knows me so well. But I'm even more irritated as I've just wasted 3 minutes. I rush to my room. I find the dress, I look for the panties but I can't find them. F*** there not in my drawer. Where could they be??

So I pick the bra out. F*** it. I'll find the panties after I fix my face up so I don't look so exhausted after the day I had. Now, I have to get dressed up. This was not on my agenda for this evening. I rush fixing myself up. I brush my hair and look at myself in the mirror. Okay not bad for getting ready in 10. It will do.

I put the dress and bra on. But damn it! I can't seem to find the panties anywhere. Then I hear a knock at the door. Oh, bugger! He's here! I quickly rush to the door, as I know he has set the tone, he does NOT like to be kept waiting.

I open the door. He's standing there in jeans and a nice shirt with a suit jacket. Um, okay...he looks amazing but I seem a bit overdressed. I usher him in.

He tells me to go get my shoes. I find a pair and then grab my things. He tells me before we leave to grab a cup of ice. I ask: "are you thirsty?. I'm so sorry I didn't ask. I was in such a rush."

He shake his head, no. Responds: "Just ice."

Um okay... So I get his cup of ice and out the door we go. The gentleman he is, opens the car door and his hand slides down to my ass as he ease me into the car. 

I get myself all buckled in and he comes around to his side and gets in. He turn to me and say: "are you ready?"

My response was unsure, but I responded with. "Yep". He then turn his head to me.  " now, is that how a lady should respond?"

Um, I feel like I'm a child being scolded at this moment. I sink into the seat. I think quickly and respond with: "oh yes I'm ready. I'm looking forward to it, can't wait, no.. Actually I'm EXCITED!" Even though, I have no idea where we are going, or what were about to do.

I now sit up a little taller for my quick, bratty response. I'm quiet please with myself.

He chuckled, and says "we'll see how excited you are. Just wait. You might change your mind, Ma Cherie."

I feel his hand touch my thigh and he squeez it. And leave it there for the whole ride.

After about 10 minutes of casual conversions about our day. I ask: "where are we going? Why did I need to get dressed up?"

He responds" I'm going to a meet up and I have some business to take care of, it's going to be boring so have a few drinks, I know you've had a long day" I was pleased with his response.

But then I start to think, why did I need to come?

The words then just spwed out of my mouth. "And as to why... Exactly do I NEED to tag along.?"


He responds "Oh, Ma Cherie, it might be boring at first but I can assure you the rest of the night will not dissapoint."

" you will find that, um...  how did you put it, EXCITMENT, you were looking for." As he let out little laugh.

I'm stunned. What does he mean by that? I better not ask. Id rather be surprised.

We get there he parks the car, it's sprinkling a bit. He tells me not to open the door till he comes around to my side with the umbrella. So I sit and wait and watch him walk around. Then it hits me, ohhhhh sh**.!!!!!! I forgot panties! I was in such a hurry, then he knocked at the door I forgot to look for them. I shrug my shoulders like  eh, nothing I can do about it now. Just need to make sure I don't bend too far over tonight.

He takes my hand and helps me out of the car. His hand slowly makes its way to my ass again. Except this time I'm worried. That he will notice no pantie line. But he doesn't say anything. Phew, I don't think he noticed.

We walk in and its actually a large gathering. He introduces me to people he works with and some I've even meet before, telling them it's good to see them again. He leans in and kisses my forehead. "Now, sweetheart go get yourself a drink and me one as well." I get myself a martini, god knows I need something that will sting after the day I had, and bring him back a rusty nail. He looked at my drink then his as I hand it to him. He raises an eyebrow and take a sip. He don't say anything so I assume he doesn't  mind my choice of drink for him.

As the evening comes to a close and several times he has touched my ass ever so casually. I'm glad to be done. I'm starting to feel worn out.

I know, that by now he most defiantly has noticed I'm not wearing any.

As we walk out to the car, it's no longer raining. He leads me into the car but when doing so his hand slides in between my legs and grazes my lips. I stop dead in my tracks. I don't move. F*** he knows....

He removes his hand and then helps me in. I sit there just looking straight head not trying to make eye contact with him as he walks around to his side.

He gets in and closes his door. I practly jump out of my seat. But keep looking forward.

He starts the car and drive us back to his place. I hear some clingy noise. I finally break my stare and look down. His finger is stirring the cup of ice. Which some has melted but surprisingly still full of solid ice.

He cracks the slience and says to me. "Spread your legs now, Ma Cherie!" But he still remains looking at the road. I do as he says.

I watch as he picks one of the ice cubes dripping form the cup and hovers it above my thigh. *Drip *drip *drip onto my thigh. I squirm and jerk because of the freezing drips that are now running down the sides of my legs.

He then places the ice cube on my knee then slide it to the inside of my thigh and make his way up. I let out a needy moan as it touches my lips and the tip of my clit. He then brake the quiet lingering sound " now my naughty little girl, where are your panties?"

I respond " I ... I couldn't fine them."

He responds with " so you thought it was best not to wear any?"

No, no... I just was in a hurry and then you knocked on the door..." As I'm saying this he presses the now melting ice cube deeper onto my clit and then slides it in.

I don't finish my thought because now I let out a loud Moan. "Mmmmm".

I look over at him and he has a smirk on his smug face.

I then look down and see he's getting aroused too.

He lets go and shakes the excesses water off his fingers and hand and place them back on the steering wheel.

He tells me" pick up an ice cube and do exactly what I just did to you, but when the cube melts pick another one up and follow repeatly the same route but each time I want you to press and makes circles"

I do as he says. It's staring to get very wet from the melted ice, plus I'm getting aroused with every rub. It stings and it starts feeling numb as well.

We get to his place. He then says, "okay Ma Cherie, you can stop." My fingers my lips, clit,  and pussy all sting and are numb at this point. My tips of my fingers are a beautiful shade of red.

As we walk up to his place,  as my now crotch is soaking wet and the melted water drips down to my ankles.

We get in the door and I hear him lay his keys down and I feel his hands from behind me. He asks me "how do I feel?"

I respond: "I'm freezing now and numb"

He then in a growling voice say " good girl".

He unzips my dress and lay kisses along my collar bone. Then he gently tugs the dress as it falls to the floor

He says from behind me as he places his hands on my hips" let's see how EXCITED, we can make you tonight"

He then takes both hands and trails up my back up to the clasp of my bra. Then 'click' it unclasps and he takes one hand slides it up to my arm, then to my shoulder and swipes away the stap so it falls. He does the same to the other side and I can feel as the fabric slides down my chest then I can hear a "thump" as it hits the floor.

He reaches around and cups both my breast in his hands. I let out a breath as my head tilts back against his chest.


He then massages them and brings both of his fingers together to princh my now erected hard nipples. I let out another moan of enjoyment and pleasure.

As he continues with one breast he lets his other hand slide down to the center of my torso. It is now at my numb pussy that I hardly even notice he was at.

He then pulls away and say " mmmm you are so cold"

Then he places his hands on my shoulders. He starts messaging. He says " I know you need this, you've had a long day"

I respond with an "mmmm humm."

Then I feel one hand in my hair starting to masssage my scalp and then he grasps tightly and pulls my hair. "Ahhh" I let out.

"Now, Ma Cherie I have a secret", I hear him say.

he responds: "I knew  you wouldn't be able to find your panties". He then lets go of me and comes to the front where I can see him.

He pulls out from his back jean pocket my panties!

I try to get the words out. But I'm in shock I'm stumbling over my words, whhhhaaat, howww, when???

he then pulls me in, and says its "not important then when, or the how or why I have them"

But the pressing matter at hand is, HOW can I make this night more exciting for you, WHY must you be such a naughty girl and not respond to my text right away" and finally WHAT are we going to do about this?"

I stand there naked, cold, and numb and fully aroused.

He then says,  "I have been preparing for this, sorry to miss guide you or confuse you, Ma Cherie. But I got you numb on purpose, see I'm very large and your tiny little frame and pussy would be punished by my cock, not in the good kind of way. So I numbed you so that this is more enjoyable for both of us. As I do not want to hurt you or cause you ***, but I do in deed want you to have an enjoyable EXCITING evening.



That was better than reading a book lol

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