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Take a breath, hold it. Feel it. Anticipation

And expectation. The calm before the storm.

Static crackles between us, tension and

Desire taking electric form. Building until

It unleashes in an explosion. Mouth on

Mouth, tongues duelling, teeth digging hard

Into your bottom lip. Fingers turned into claws,

Embedding in your shoulder, your shirt. Your smell

In my nose; I breathe deep and pull it inside me.

Our clothes fall to the ground like a tree shedding

Its leaves in the autumn. Skin on skin; cold air,

Hot bodies. Pressing closer, your arm a steel

Bar across my back, my fingers buried in your

Hair, digging like cat’s claws in your chest.

The world blurs as we spin, trip over our

Discarded clothing and stumble to the bed,

Mouths interlocked the whole time, hands

Clutching, touching. I land hard on my back and

Your weight on mine makes sure I stay there.

Hand an iron grip around one wrist, lifting it

High above my head, raising my breast for you

To nuzzle and kiss and bite. Hard. Teeth marks

Tattooing pale white flesh. I writhe, moan,

Whimper. Lift one leg and plant my foot on the

Mattress. Roll. Hands on your shoulders keeping

You right where I want you, your body a

Playground for me to explore. Nails down

Sensitive sides, teeth nipping at the chords

Of your throat. Hand slipping down your stomach,

Fingertips chasing the trail of hair down towards –

Roll. Hand under my thigh, lifting it high until it’s

Tight to my chest, pinning me. You press against

The inside of my other thigh and spread me wide,

Make me ***. I stop fighting your hold and

Wait, panting shallowly, as you trail fingertips slowly

Towards my centre, all urgency gone. A wolf stalking

Slowly, wary of startling its prey. My clit pulses,

Impatient as my thundering heart. You circle it, lazily,

Eyes holding mine and telling me to hold still,

Hold back. Submit. Instead I surge forwards. Fight,

Wriggle, kick. Roll. I stop you reflex to flip me right

Back where I was by sliding down, teeth raking over

Your hip as nails sc up your thighs. Engulf you in

The heat of my mouth, take you deep and suck hard.

My hand goes between my legs and plays in the

Wetness there. Eyes flick up to yours in defiance.

See what I’m doing? Touching myself in the way

You wouldn’t. Your hand goes in my hair and grips,

You tug, lifting me up, and I fight it, going deeper

Than I’m comfortable with, showing you your not

In charge. A hand goes to your balls, cupping them,

Teasing them, reminding you that you have

Vulnerabilities too. You let go of my hair and I

Feel the smug satisfaction of victory. A moment

Later, hands grip my arms and haul me up. Teeth

Sc against your most sensitive flesh as I lose

The fight to your superior strength. Roll. Onto my

Back and then again onto my front. I lift up, wild

With indignation, but your arms and chest form

A cage around me. You lean into me, tightening

The bar further, and a knee hooks my thigh, spreads

Me wide enough for you to thrust inside. No

Gentleness now. I pushed and your pushing back.

Imprinting your will on me as your cock ***s

My flesh to make way for its invasion. Punishing me;

Rewarding me. My skin is tingling, heat and pleasure

Rolling through me every time you shove inside,

But I squirm and try to shift away anyway, just to

Show you haven’t won. A duality of *** as your

Hand cracks off my ass and your teeth embed in my

Shoulder, shocking me to stillness.  You bite deeper,

Tongue laving the skin you hold captive between

You teeth, hand rubbing my pinked rump then

Smacking it once more. I tilt my hips and drive back

Into you, demanding and challenging as you move

faster, building the rhythm to bring us both to

Ecstasy. Fucking hold still. The words a snarl in my

Ear, a command. I ignore them, trying to lift up, roll,

Switch positions. Your forearms across my shoulders

Shoves me down onto the bed, holding me there, face

Pressed into the pillows, searching for air, as your

Movements become violent, edged with threat. Can’t

move, can’t breathe, can only feel. Strength, dominance,

Victory. My orgasm turns the world into bleeding colours

Of white and black and red. It turns me quiescent, pliant.

A body for you to fuck, as you will. And you do, hard. Grunts

Of fuck and yes and mine, fucking mine. When you cum, you

Cover me, weight heavy on my back. Breaths harsh against

My neck. Roll. You tuck me in against your side, the air

Cool along my sweat-dappled skin. I go, cuddling close,

Sweetly submissive. For now.


I have a massive hardon now.

Cheers Charli...

Adjusts trousers

Walks off doubled over to hide the bulge


just read this again because it turns out i am a wanton slut and a terrible pervert!


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