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Lingo - 'pig'


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Are you able to give me the definition of a 'pig' in a kinky context naturally. I've heard people talk about it but I can't find a good definition of what it really means.


It's often just a *** term

Put someone in a pig mask or pig nose and have them make oink noises, roll around the floor, lick toilets, do humiliating things - it's degredation.


But sometimes in Financial Play - there's "Pay Pigs" which are people who just turn up to pay - but, again, to keep interaction they'll sometimes be given a perceived humiliating task for their troubles.


Additionally beyond pet play it can refer to someone who will do or take anything
Especially in the gay or leather scene

If one refers to themselves as a pig, they usually have few limits in terms of sex. Typically, bottoms will refer to themselves as pigs. However, some tops who are sex addicts might refer to themselves as a pig.

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I am a pig trained as A pig. I have followed this topic but may I ask this? Being degraded and other things was part of my traing when someone does that I have learned it turns me on big time. But the olther part was how to pleasure to make your Handler relax and to use everything I know to make it so he feels more than just a orgasim. I was trained to think ,say no  to voice myself. I was trained being a pig was not  going to extreams but its what you feel getting intlouch of that primal side of you. Besides pleasuring there is serving your Handler doing your best to make his life easer.  He does not have to commnd me or order me to do anything I see it and do it if he needs something he ask for it. So its just not sex its learning to go beyond.  You may say I enjoy *** it gives me pleasure.  So I been given the name piggy1 back when I started traing in 1985 I see different meanings of pigs now.So here is thequestion. What kind of pig was I  trained  to be? None of these seem to fit me..  I beleive if I cannot take a sertin level of *** one day there is allways another day you take pride in everything you do and exccept.

I call know man master or bow my head to know man. My trainer said I should be equel.  I have a Handler.

So what say you?

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