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Our eyes locked, then we both knew, she was mine..

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We crossed eyes and at that moment, she knew, we both knew, she was mine. My prey. My food. My conquest, she would be my babygirl. She tries to act uninterested, not easy, hard to get, but it was obvious, to her, us both, those attempts to fulfill the “lady” image society imposes her, save face, would be futile against my Power. My confidence. My presence. She could feel me. My energy. My eyes piercing through her soul. I could feel her, behind the facade. She was enjoying this. She wanted me to.. pounce. I could feel her *** stirring around, rushing to her face, my voice, my energy making her little pussy wet, soaking her panties, wanting me to proceed, ***stakingly extending the moment, prolonging the tension, between long seconds of a tense silent moment between us when the world around us no longer exists, and it was just her and me, all that mattered. I see a lone dark alley next to the bar, with a slight nod of my head and pointing of my eyes I suggest we go there to be alone. She is shy. She wants to say no, after all she is a lady, but I knew inside she couldn’t say no. She succumbs and gives in, “only for a moment” “we’re not gonna do anything” “just talk” meaningless words when her eyes and body was giving it all away and we both knew her she wanted it so bad. She needed it. No man before me could make her feel all these sensations she’s been longing to feel for a long time. We go quickly shamelessly into the dark spot. Now I can have her as I want. Now she is mine. I turn her around, throw her against the wall. Lift up her skirt like tearing open a present, give a good sudden spank. She jolts and let’s out a yelp. No “no” no “stop” no “wait” just her body waiting with her bum out, bent over, waiting for the next one, her body uncomfortably hanging suspended wondering when will the next one come. I push my crotch against her, grab a handful of her luscious beautiful long dark brown hair, smelling of heavenly aromas, I pull her back into me, pressed up against the cold brick wall, behind a dumpster shady perfect dark spot alone free to do all manner of dirty naughty things. One hand with hair the other I grab her soft plumpy breast slipping through her blouse and bra, like it belonged to me, she lets out a moan, I could feel her nipple get so hard, so sensitive to my touch, so deliciously succulent, I *** it, pinch it, pull and twist. She seems to be enjoying it. My hand makes it’s way slowly down her belly, down to her panties, so slowly, she’s anticipating every excruciatingly delicious moment, needing it to finally end where’s she knows where it’s about to go... I enjoy prolonging it. Not quite getting there yet... her breathing is short and rapid, she pants, her heart is racing, her eyes closed nothing exists but this pleasure I’m torturing her with, not quite getting there holding her body in suspense, she can’t take it but she’s loving it, I finally very slowly reach her labia and clit softly with my middle and ring finger. She releases this loud moan she can not hold back, as I feel her juice dripping down her soft pale skin of her legs. Finally, she’s thinking, she needed this, she wanted this so bad. I gently massage as her body twitches digs into my crotch. She feels my rock solid cock, my shaft digging in between her ass crack as she pushes back into me while my fingers soaked with her womanly nectar deliciously massaging that little button between her lips. I pull them out and put them in her mouth she sucks off her own juice, I do it again and taste it myself, her natural flavor so delicious. I return to her clit after some side to side rapid massaging I slowly but without hesitation, slide them into her vagina. She lets out a loud moan, taking her to a world of ecstasy. A world she has missed. A world she hasn’t remembered for a long time. A world no man has been able to take her to. A world she needs and longed for, for so long. The ecstasy spreads throughout her body, her nipples up at attention crying for my tongue to caress them. She is so grateful for this, she turns to my face, we kiss, she sucks my tongue out my mouth, our tongues intertwine and dance. Our fluids mix. As my fingers slide in and out of the womanly heaven I yearn to taste. She reaches for my zipper desperately. Still in the same position of doggy submission. With an urgency of needing my manhood in her as soon as possible as if it were a matter of life and death.
She pulls out my warm veiny hard shaft as she jerks it and I massage the warm soft skin of her back, her neck, sending goosebumps down her spine, pass over both breasts yearning for my touch as I give them a good squeeze. She can no longer take it anymore and guides me into her heavenly opening, and pushes back into as if she can not wait for me to hammer myself into her. She moans even louder this time with a sense of gratitude finally receiving what she’s been needing so bad, wanting so bad. This moment feels right. We were meant to be here, as the soft dry skin of my man meat sc***d through her wet slip and slide. Her pussy feels so soft so wet so good nothing in this world feels so good so right more than heaven. As we speed up thrusts, her beautiful ass cheeks make loud claps against my body I love to hear like music to my ears a natural drum rhythm. Her pussy so wet, so tight, sucking on my thick rock solid cock. Her ass claps, her moans the most beautiful music of nature I’ve ever heard. So warm so good, she feels my manmeat start twitching, veiny, rock hard as possible, about to release and burst my man nectar. I also let out a loud yelp as I can no longer take it, can no longer resist and fight it back, her delicious soaking warm vagina, she feels it. Quickly she pulls out and drops down to her knees in eager anticipation of what I am about to bestow upon her. Warm, hot, creamy nectar mana from heaven, she takes me into her mouth knowing I’m about to explode. Eyes closed, with the utter eagerness and need for it she rapidly sucks out with the strongest suction and I finally shoot into her warm mouth and she moans as she tastes my delicious natural masculine flavor and swallows down every squirt like a good girl. I am no longer in myself no longer human but transcended, transported to a world of ecstasy, of colors, of pleasures man can not describe that rings throughout my body. I let out a load yell. As she sucks out the last few drops. Still in her mouth, drooling down my balls. She looks into my eyes, still inside her, moaning, she sucks off the length of my shaft, letting out a nice loud “pop” and with the most humblest gratitude of blessing her with this precious gift of life yet mischievous look in her face she tells me, “Thank you daddy” 😉

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