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Poly and Death


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"We are very blessed with hearts that are very flexible and can accomodate various people at the same time"

the death that now seperates me from my Sir , the greatest love in my life is now only 3 weeks fresh.

Sir was poly and what i learned about Him and from His way of life was that He had a bottomless hunger for women.  He truly had the capacity to love many women on different levels at the same time 

Loving Him back meant that it was a huge learning experience all the time.   Jealousy, anger, hurt, ***, insecurities  it was a huge pandoras box of feelings that could be very overpowering at any time.

He loved the sound, the taste, the touch, the smell and even loved all the differencees between all women.   He was deeply attracted to maso submissive women.  And when He physically and mentally wore out one of his loves, He would turn to another so that His emotional needs were met.

Even now in death loving Him is still a huge learning curve.  But i know from His example that loving Him was not the end of love for me.  while i do not have the insatiable need that He had for contact with the opposite sex for right now i am living with my grief.

in life there was between Sir and i a very deep emotional relationship symbolized by His collar that i wore. And while i grieve i am yet aware that there is also a spiritual if not a soulful connection which always was there..and it serves to comfort me at times. 

Looking forward i dont expect any other love to feel the same as my love with Sir.  It wont mean that its not love. But it will serve as a reminder to me that i am still growing on many different levels.

Moving forward does not mean that i leave Sir behind me.  It is frightening - but He will always occupy that special time and place in my heart and in my life.

Which brings me to think more about Poly.  The memory of Sir will always be with me.   The submissive i am today is because of all the time effort and hard work that Sir invested into me.  For that reason the time and experience are like a facet on a diamond.  I always likened Sirs personality like that of a diamond with all the different women being as facets in relation to Him.  And now i still have many facets of myself to share with anyone i meet in the future.

Hopefully my poly mindset will end up helping me heal, grow and move forward in the future.

to Sir.     i followed my Heart and it led me to You. ....my love forever.






Grieving with you silver. My box is always open if you would like to talk or send a message.


I'm saddened to hear of anyone passing but it's a natural thing unfortunately. At least you seem to have rationalised your difficult situation which is a huge step in going on. Remember the dead but don't try and live with them, move on if you are able, and remember the lessons and feelings you experienced and maybe put them to good use in the future. My sincere condolences Silver. If talking helps, feel free...Kxx



You have shared your love and experiences of your relationship over the years I've known you.  Your shared lessons of life and love and BDSM have aided a number of people on their journey,  including me.  The love you and your Sir share goes beyond death,  beyond the physical world and has radiated from you since I've known you. 

This post is testimony to that and my respect and love goes out to you and your Sir,

All my blessing and love and I'll raise a toast to love

Firewitch 🔥🔥🔥


My deepest sympathies, silver.

There's not much for me to say, you have set out your thoughts beautifully and you cherish the memories you had together. To remember someone is to honour them and you remember them with grace, respect and love.



Your love shines through your words like a beacon Silver,

You had me both smiling, my heart swelling and ***d up. Although that intense a love hurts when lost I can appreciate the honour of always holding it in your heart.

I have always respected you and today I do so more.

I will simply send my respects to you both and toast the love you hold in your heart.

We are remembered by the stories that others tell about us, and you Silver are creating an Epic tale of love for your Sir. :revolving_hearts::heartbeat::star2:



Blessed be the love & understanding that flows from death & beyond.

Empathy,sympathy ,all come together to celebrate the symphony of your love..........embraced in mind ,body n soul........for Poly is the many,may many aspects of this love sustain ,nourish & flourish in you...........🙏

Cherished,adored,worshipped.....gifted love........honoured!💖🙏



Aww I felt happy & sad reading those words Silver,Happy that you have learned & grown as a person thanks to your Sir & sad that your Sir passed away but I have always had so much respect for you & your knowledge in the lifestyle,You are one of the people I ask many questions as I now you will tell it straight & with the amount of knowledge you have I have no doubt that you will lalways make your Sir proud now even with him not physically being by your side,He is mentally always by your side 😊 ❤ 


You humble me with your testimony to live in our world. To recognize that what you shared cannot be duplicated is a step towards healing. Hugs my friend.


Condolences Silver , we as a community are here to listen and support you through this grieving process. Anytime you need an ear , I am always available .


Oh Silver,

I'm so sorry for your loss but more than that I am touched and honoured that you shared this with us and it goes to show what an exceptional lady you trully are! May you find the peace and happiness you truly deserve.

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