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Sweet memories..

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For those of you who have read my profile ,you will know that I worked as an escort ....

Most of the events I escorted young women to were to put it mildly were X rated As a thank you for my services,if that is the right word,I have been invited..all expenses paid to an XXX rated party....in Iceland...A 10 day event in May! Cannot wait  Sorry ..but I cannot tell you more as I am still under a confidentiality agreement that will keep on running until I die from exhaustion.

Wish I could tell you more....but my mind is racing with anticipation..All I can tell you is that it is an event where women..who have no interest in men...play out their deepest fantasies. for real..!...Will I suffer....most probably....but to be paid 3 years of an average yearly income...for 10 days or so...and having very little idea what I might be submitted to..!...if at all..has got me so excited at the prospect..Cassie...

How does a male get into that line of work pm foinsight please

Hi..It was purely by chance....I used to go clubbing to mostly underground clubs and then onto nightclubs in Central London.I had a very Androgynous appearance , both in looks Hair..nails etc...was very slim...could and did wear normal women shoes when clubbing..Learnt to walk and dance in heels....now that is a story itself....I was approached in quite a famous nightclub..by two women who were scouts looking for possible individuals to  join their exclusive club..as escorts...In depth interview..not one but 3..taken to a restaurant to observe my manners etc...whether I open a door for a Female... I also  had to strip..to see if I had any tattoos. Discreet and not obviously visible was allowed...A second language..one had to be fluent in...I was fluent in French..Italian and Spanish...and Polish...parents are Polish..Being able to speak those languages opened the door to a very secretive world..!...Break the rules...using a phone in the company of a client is ..well forget being an Escort.You would have to have an exceptional reason and you would need permission from the client..!...It was my appearance that allowed for the initial contact...I am lucky that I do not have to work..so I can maintain my appearance all the time ready for my next client...I have two young women who always ask for me....never take NO as an answer...very demanding...but very generous in their gratitude..!.The standards that my clients expect are very high...but meet them..and you will have the time off your life that stay with you as memories that you will never forget..Before I finish this reply...the women that are members of this secretive club....are very wealthy...do not have  to work...if they do..they own their own companies ...I am not sure..but I think the age of members vary  between 22 and 48..They do have an upper limit..but I do not know what it is..All I can suggest is that you would have to go to high class clubs...look the part...and hope that you will be noticed and approached...One last thing..If you decide to take this route, your life will be alot less ***ful..in an enjoyable way...if you are naturally supple...and you can place your palms on the floor WITHOUT bending your knees... go clubbing...choose the right clubs...and you never know...Good luck..Cassie 

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Update to a request about more info...!...Cassie...most recent post..

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additional info..

Not sure about the above post..why it is there.I was going to post more info..but decided it is best for all concerned not to..Maybe I did post it..but if I did , it is only because I use and report on beta products in development...in this case  a a trackpad...On that front..one problem..way too sensitive...not me , but the trackpad.!

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