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New, Not Naive


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I all, I am relatively new to Bdsm and all its wonders. I just wanted to say hi and offer a few words of support and advice from my experiences so far. 

So for me I rushed in with eagerness as I am sure many of us will. I was wanting to initially find my dom who would teach me and guide me. However after talking in forums and in chats x I had some wonderful advice from more experienced members who then suggested I read, read and read some more. So I did, having done so, I have had my eyes opened to alot of amazing things, but also to the reality of the dangers to this life.

i have then been lucky to have chatted and text with someone who taught me about the powers of my own mind and gave me a taster of the submissive role. He was kind and very aware of my newness, he taught me about Subspace, Edging and *** play. I experienced the best O I have ever had by myself via text chat. However he then discussed this with me highlighted the risks of being in this *** state and the power Doms can have over their Subs. His message. Don't rush in, your body is yours and Submission is to be earned with trust.

My message to anyone new to Bdsm Dom or Sum. Read, practice on your own body, know yourself and play safe.

A final point anyone who wishes to play with you will also play safe. If they don't delete and block. 

ps thank you to all that have gave me wonderful advice x 


At last a happy positive post , what a breath of fresh air. Have fun 🤩


Its interesting, i fjnd a lot of women rush into the lifestyle as subs. They generqlly have the bad experience as their first. The majority of subs i speak to who are into bdsm generally get the "dom" that immediately start barking orders. Or the ones that think they "know" what the sub needs right away. How could they? They dont know anything about said persons life and experiences. I got into the lifestyle at a very young age. I did my research months of reading and watching. I learned to be a sub before a dom so i could pay closet attention to the body language. The biggest thing i could agree with is read, do your research. Learn who is a Dom and who id a christian gray. Safety should ALWAYS be considered first.

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