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Ignore list and Message Filters...Advice needed...

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First question is...Will I only  get messages from members I contact first..Second question...Message filters....If I tick who I would like to receive messages from....if it shows green etc..does that mean that what I have ticked in the choices is active...Thirdly...this seems to be a problem...I am not sure how to phrase this without coming across bigheaded or boasting...but I have so many members in my ignore list....it took me by surprise...I do not want to have an ignore list unless I feel I need to...What am I doing wrong...If and a big if..if anyone has tried to send me a message and is peeved about my lack of response..is it possible to let those members who did try..know..Cassie



Hi Cassie! 

1. You can receive messages also from members you haven't contacted already. 

2. Green means active, you check the boxes of who you WANT to be able to message you. In the screenshot you find an example of settings saying you only want women age 25-29 & 30-34 to be able to message you. 

There are also the following message filters: 

  • Only members with the relationship status 'single' can message you 
  • Only members with a profile pic can message you 
  • Only members with a minimum message rating (that you choose) can message you 
  • Only to receive messages with a minimum amount of characters (that you choose) 
  • Only members who have completed the profile verification (have a green check on their profile) can message you  
  • If your inbox gets too full of new messages you can choose to then only receive messages from premium and VIP members. 
  • You can opt out of receiving video calls 
  • You can choose to deactivate all filters while you are in the chat 

3. You can always remove members from your Ignore List if you want to. Just click 'Delete' next to their name. 

Please let me know if you have any further questions about how to manage your message filters or your ignore list. I'm here to help! :)

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