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Advice needed on signing contracts


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Does anyone have any experience with signing contracts for a Mistress or Dom? And what would I expect from her? Is everything cyber connection ? Thanks in advance, everyone have a wonderful weekend.


So - to kinda start a bit blunt.   If you don't know what 'signing contracts' means in the BDSM context - then don't do it, you're not ready.


Contracts in BDSM is more symbolic than binding. (It certainly has no legal standpoint) it's usually done, if at all, by people as a gesture of symbolism - or to kinda lay out "expectations" 

If a total or relative stranger is hitting you up about "Being their slave and signing a contract" then it's a scam of sorts - there'll be like a "signing fee" and then they'll vanish.


But, yeah, if this is someone you're already embarking on a relationship with then a contract can be fun - and it can also spell out expectations from each other.  

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As Eyem state, contract is a good fun practice but nothing legal about it. Some slave take it very seriously, with a number attributed to them while giving up their name, to get some sort of authenticity. 
i love giving to sign a contract to my subs, look at their smile when they sign it. 
A contract is purely all the agreements collected between the two parties, sometime all the expectations from the Dom/Domme and what would result if the sub breach the contract. It makes it clear about the dynamic is about and a structure for the sub. It’s also show how organised is the Dom/Domme... when a Dom/Domme think about all the aspect of a Ds relationship it shows the character of that person. 

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