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at His feet


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"may I confess, Sir MJ, how I long to once again sit at your feet..."

"Your desire to serve pleases me, little one. I will be in Pomona this evening. If you are free, you may indeed come sit at my feet."

and now I am here, in the 2nd story loft space, His space. He has finished His work for the night--His pleasure at my presence this evening is evident in His voice and actions. To be near Him--is both humbling and bolstering to my spirit.

Sir takes a seat on the low couch, black fabric against black clothing. He places a large pillow on the hardwood floor. "You may take your place, little one." Eyes wide, cheeks flushed, I sink to my knees. Sir directs me to remove His boots, I do so, humbly. Sir tells me to close my eyes and keep still. On the count of three, a light slap on my cheek. I open my eyes and gaze up at Him. "Good girl" he sighs.

Now it is time, Sir guides me to adopt a comfortable position on the pillow, on the floor between His legs. I arrange my legs, clad in lace stockings, and twist my body so that I am pressed against His denim-clad leg. Slowly and with intent, I lower my head and upper body to rest upon his lap. "Yes, you may touch me, little one", His answer to my silent, questing fingers. "This is exactly where you wanted to be tonight. Relax, little one. Just be."

My eyes spring with a film of tears; I am glad to be faced away from Him. He knows, anyway. He must feel it in the way my body freezes--then relaxes--deeper into Him. "I can ascertain your moods, little one, because I pay attention to you." I settle myself slowly, in degrees, letting myself become small, and ***. There are many layers to go through but Sir is patient. The dark room is quiet and peaceful, and as His hand starts to caress and stroke my hair, I am almost overcome again; to feel this fierce tenderness in His touch...to be safe and secure, here in my place, at the feet of my Master.

written by pomonagirl, 2018


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You are just the most beautiful writing everything you put to paper is a pure delight and pleasure to read

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