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Escaping toxicity

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(contains bad language. Apols)


Shut the fuck up



I’d like to quote Plath or perhaps even Keats

But instead I’m quoting the Pink Guy because I like what he speaks 

Wriggling my toes and tapping my feet

Do you see? Do you really want to see?


Got something to say that’s just full of shit

Well shut the fuck up, don’t you see you’re a dick?

Go on try to tell me that it’s me that all wrong 

Just shut the fuck up and hear me sing along 


Think your words can still hurt me?

As you spit in my face

But I worked out your secret 

You’re a fucking disgrace 

Grow a pair of balls

And just be a man 

Instead of screwing with my kindness

Just because you can


I’m pretty far from perfect and long past giving a fuck 

Still wanna push me? Go on! Try your luck.

Backed into a corner, like a caged bird with nowt to lose

I’ll peck your fucking eyes out, if that’s what you choose 


Your poison possesses 

The bone woman inside

Remembering hands on my throat

The truth never lies 

Look in the mirror 

And what do you see?

Is it full of the empty

You tried to give to me? 


You don’t deserve Keats, and certainly not Plath 

You’re not even worth this breath, filled with my wrath 

I’m done feeling sorry, done giving a shit 

Will you ever be done, with being a dick? 



Love the word "nowt." As Yorkshire as it comes 😊

19 minutes ago, DonnyPrimal said:

Love the word "nowt." As Yorkshire as it comes 😊

My favourite phrase is

did ye ge ow(t) ou(t)?

neh now(t) 


I was experimenting last night with some incongruence. Because it is a social construct. And I am not ashamed anymore. 

sorry what a load of ramble for, ‘loved the word nowt’


Peck his eyes out is my favourite line and I love the Deviance of the angry Raven ! 💥

28 minutes ago, TAROTT said:

Peck his eyes out is my favourite line and I love the Deviance of the angry Raven ! 💥

I don’t get angry often... and of course I would only ever metaphorically peck someone’s eyes out 🤣

1 minute ago, Aranhis said:

Love this ❤

Thank you 😘

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