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The cycle of *** and angry


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To be tied up is hot. His hands on me, ropes are tight and unyielding. I become increasingly *** and wet. Clumsy, disabled and finally just laying on the floor between his feet, unable to move. He has full control over me and nothing I can do to change it - I am HIS. I can give him puppy eyes, beg with my muffled voice for mercy, but he knows better and will do as he pleases anyway. I am wet, I want more of him and can't wait for what comes next, but... what comes next is he grabs his laptop and starts working - his job takes my place as his top priority. So I wait, uncomfortable, ***, bored and increasingly less horny. I breath in the dust from the carpet, feel my own drool running down my cheek, trying to find more comfortable position and getting more mad at him! really mad, like I would have punched him in the face for treating me like that,. So I struggle against the ropes a little, feel *** (mmm) and start getting wet again and feel bad for feeling the anger at my master, so I give him puppy eyes when he looks at me, but he continues focusing on his laptop and I start getting bored and angry again.... Can you relate?

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