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Good girl

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She had just bathed and walked into the bedroom with her towel tucked in just above her gorgeous breasts, her beautiful, voluptuous body shape visible through the tight towel.
I was lay on the bed with just my jeans on, my leather belt slightly undone, as she sat down next to  me. She smelt amazing, little wafts of whatever she had used in the bath absorbed in her soft skin, floating toward me as she brushed her hair.
The brush she was using was quite large, smooth and made of a hard light coloured wood. Her smell, watching her and seeing her soft pale back and shoulders began arouses me. My cock was beginning to swell and stiffen, then she stood and unfastened her towel, it dropped to the floor and she turned to me, her eyes gazed lustfully into mine and I could see she was desperate to be teased.
I asked her if I could finish brushing her hair, her beautiful soft lips curled into a cute little smile as she bit her lip softly.
I stood behind her, my jeans now bulging as my cock was now pulsing and rock hard, as I took the brush and began to brush her hair slowly. I brushed and manoeuvred her hair so one side of her neck was exposed and I began to softly kiss her there, smelling her as my kisses moved close to her ear. Her body now covered in goosebumps as I gently bit her earlobe and whispered ‘I want you to be a good girl now and bend over’
She leaned forward, her hands resting on the bed, her soft sexy arse pushing upwards and out towards me. I gently rubbed the flat part of the hairbrush up the back of her thighs towards her bum, her legs parted slightly now as I pulled the brush away.
I pause deliberately and watch her, she lowers her shoulders pushes her bum even higher and towards me, she’s desperate to feel that hard smooth wood whacking against her bum, I know this but I’m taunting her.
‘Are you a good girl?’ I ask as my fingers run gently up the insides of her soft silky thighs, slowly from just above her knees all the way to the top, deliberately brushing against her petals making her breathless for a second.
‘Yes I am, I will be, please please I am!’ her voice full of anticipation and excitement.
My fingers now gently parting her moist petals, feeling her wetness as I slowly slide my middle finger inside her beautiful flower.
She’s so tight, hot, wet and throbbing, sliding two fingers deep inside her now, the palm of my hand facing down, my fingers applying pressure at the back of her throbbing clit.
She widens her legs and I begin to finger her quite vigorously. As she begins to moan with delight I stop. Slowly slide my fingers from her, they squelch with her juices as they release from the tight grip of her dripping wet flower.
I begin to spank her bare bottom with the hard smooth face of the hairbrush. Quite hard. The sound as it connects with her soft smooth sexy bum cheeks is something else. She moans loudly, gasping as she waits for the next smack. Harder now. Little screams fill the room alongside the smacking sound.
I pause and bend down right behind her. Watching her juices oozing from her petals as my big strong bare hands grip her sexy arse cheeks, smelling her scent with my hard cock trying to burst out of my jeans.
I rub my fingers all over her wet pussy, really feeling how turned on she is, gently but very briefly feeling how aroused and swollen her clit has become. I slide my fingers inside her again and press and rub her at the back of her swelling clit. She can hear what I’m hearing, her pussy squelching as my fingers tease her.
‘You want to cum don’t you?’ I ask as I slowly pull my fingers from her. ‘Yeah I really need to, please will you make me cum’ she’s desperate to but I’m not going to let her just yet. ‘You will cum when I allow you to now stand up!’
As she stands in front of me, her large gorgeous breasts press against my bare broad chest. I can feel her heart pounding, her hard nipples and breasts feel so good against me. I hold her close and tell her she’s being a good girl. I kiss her softly and passionately on the lips, stroke her face gently and tell her she’s going to get to cum really soon.
My left hand grips her hair, my other hand wraps around her throat squeezing quite firmly. She looks startled but excited at the same time. I pull on her hair, forcing her head back slightly and watch her closely, ensuring my hand around her throat is applying just the right amount of pressure. I let go of her neck, but still have hold of her hair tightly. My fingers now tweaking her warm pert nipples one at a time. Flicking them and then pulling on them tightly, lifting her huge gorgeous breasts up as I pull tightly. Slapping them now as she groans loudly. Squeezing them then slapping harder and harder, alternating between smacks and squeezes.
I finger her some more, still pulling on her hair, she widens her legs, her entire body quivering, making sure my fingers can slide in and out of her dripping wet pussy easily. Teasing her even more as I give her engorged clit a little rub. ‘Please don’t stop’ she yells as my fingers drive her wild.
I move her towards the wall, pinning her there by holding her hands together and above her head. My big strong body pressed tightly against her, she can hardly move. I remove my leather belt from my jeans, and wrap the buckle part around my hand as I stand back from her. Her bum is bright red from earlier.
She yelps as the belt strikes across both of her bum cheeks. Moaning and screaming as it lands time after time, hard and fast causing little welt marks to appear. Her hands have dropped and are pressed against the wall, her body shaking and covered in goosebumps.
I cuddle her and sit her on the edge of the bed. Tell her she’s a good girl and can lie back. I kneel between her legs, my hands on her soft sexy thighs, pushing her legs apart and I begin to kiss and lick her up the insides very slowly.
She’s wriggling as my lips and tongue now tease her flower. She’s gagging to have my tongue teasing her swollen clit. ‘Are you gonna make me cum now?’ she asks eagerly.
‘I might’ is my reply, taunting her, as my tongue licks the base of her flower, licking that wetness from her. I lick and suck her clit a little, feeling it desperate to explode, then my tongue slides down between her petals and away.
‘PLEASE’ she yells ‘I NEED TO!’
I instruct her to get on all fours, she does as she’s told, I take off my jeans, my cock so hard and pulsing and I position myself right behind her. I rub my swollen tip against her dripping wet petals, teasing her for the last time, sliding inside a little and then pulling almost out, easing inside deeper now, she’s breathless.
I grip her wrists tightly, my knees widen her legs one side at a time, her face down on the bed now, her hands pinned down, and I slide my hard shaft deep into her tight wet pussy.
I slowly thrust my hard cock deeper and harder whilst holding her down. She can’t move as I fuck her roughly now. I can feel her pussy tightening around my cock. ‘Now you can cum!’ I shout as my rock hard pulsing shaft slams over and over, really fast now as I feel her about to explode.
‘YESSSSS FUCK ME SIR’ she screams out as her entire body is taken over by wave after wave of the orgasm she is finally experiencing and I explode like never before.
I stay inside her still hard and throbbing, feeling her hot wet pussy contracting still, my legs shaking.
Now I hold her in my big strong arms, her face resting on my chest, holding her close and tight, both spent and breathless.
‘You’re a good girl’ I whisper as I kiss her forehead.

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