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End of Lockdown Kinks to try...


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It’s been a Loong ass year & were looking at another 6 months before some sort of normality..

SO, the question is... If you’ve been waiting through Lockdown to try a New or Old Kink that you haven’t tried before, WHAT will it be & WHY??!! 😉😈🖤🤟🏼

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Just being able to meet others, in a vanilla setting for a brew and a chat will be a good first step. I've always found those meetings to be so much fun, even if it does not progress. Being surrounded by vanilla folk, both knowing the truth of the other, is delicious. So my kink, is one of meeting, and sharing of unsaid secrets 😊.

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I am wanting to go dancing. I have never really liked to go to clubs, but I guess cabin fever has created a new fantasy.

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i want to meet a new long term Femdom, someone who is eager to expose me to all areas of BDSM as SHE explores what i am capable of.

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