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Better out than in?

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The Surge


Slump surrenders, stalking strikes

Hunting and hurting and losing a fight 

I try to ignore it. Meditative trance 

I try to ignore it. Sinister chants


I chase it in circles 

No beginning 

No end 

It’s pinning me down 

My foe and my friend 

Claws from the inside

Stealing my breath

Orbiting empty

Haunting my dead


*** ferocious, bites till I bleed

Flooding my throat so nothing is freed 

I try to accept it. Wash me away 

I try to accept it. Insides start to fray 


I drive in the darkness

No home

No return 

My hands leave the wheel 

As I misjudge the turn 

Hands start to *** me 

Flames never end

Burning and brandished 

The dark is my friend 


Caressing me softly, hushabye off to sleep 

Sewing my eyes shut, unable to weep

I tried to bleed. Until nothing was there.

I tried to bleed. 

But nothing was there. 

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