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Two inch dick

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I type my spite, my poison and hate.

Thinking submissives will think me great.

In my mind, I'm a super Dom

The man, the dude, all day long.


How can they resist, my Dominant skill

My *** alone, my strongest will.

To their knees, they must drop.

To my tune, to dance and hop


Submissives are mine, to treat like shit.

Dirt on my shoe, to treat how I see fit.

I'm super Dom, you must do as I say.

All the time, and on this day.


How can you resist, my amazing charm

I don't care what I do, how much harm.

Your feelings matter not, only mine

I care not, when I cross the line


You're not real, your a face on a page.

To be ***d, no matter your age.

So what of me, Mr super Dom

Who am I, and where am I from


What am I really? When truth be told

I'm weak and pathetic, from young till old.

I'm not a man, who knows the score

I'm really a joke, and a definite bore


My words show that, I reveal my face 

The bottom I belong, in this place

I'm nothing, I'm a fake who doesn't know

All deserve respect, shame I don't know.


Mistakes all make, and that's ok

If learn we do, not to repeat today

It seems I'm a fool and a definite prick

With tiny meat, and a two inch dick.



Well done! A distillation of words into a shared sentiment @DonnyPrimal......you hold a light to the pathos of entitled ego , n invite it to stare into it's own shallow projection. If only they could shed those "blinkers" of  the mind?🙏

Thank you, great writting n feeling🙏🙏🙏


Thank you Donny for sharing this: You have shown courage, bravery and honesty! To metaphorically chastise yourself in the public square and openly confess this is commendable. All our past wrongs can be made right if we change course . Love peace and respect brother 🙏


Do forgive me Donny for my mistake. It should read that others should chastise themselves in the public square just as I’m doing now. A perfect example of misunderstanding making a mistake and then putting right. The balance of harmony can resume 🥵🙏❤️🙏


Well said! Sad reality of many ... without the self-realisation part.


I love this.  Thank you for sharing.  This sums up a lot of “Doms” I have encountered in this place, in such a short time.  


@DonnyPrimal so many levels of meaning, brilliantly crafted from the very heart of the best within you........truly humbled by your exquisite wordweaving, a multi-faceted gem!🙏 

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