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My Minds Eye

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~ I close my eyes to sleep, but rest eludes me as my mind races, and my body responds to my thoughts ~

In my minds eye I look down across my naked flesh and see the marks you left there, as reminders perhaps, or maybe your quiet trophy.

Finger print bruises and marks all over my breasts, my neck, inner thighs, and though I can't see them I feel them on my arse and back.. You left no part of me unclaimed. 

~ My fingers reach towards my breasts, enjoying the way
my nipples harden as I do.. ~

My minds eye takes me to when you left the marks. I can feel your teeth on my thighs, your lips too, sucking and biting
as your hand pleasures me, sliding inside of my body and rubbing me in deliciously hard strokes, teasing for what
seems like hours before you finally use your mouth instead, biting, sucking, licking and kissing my soft warmth, bringing me highs of the most
primal kind, over and over again, until we are finaly sated.

~ My hand now reaches between my legs, my bud swelling as I slowly massage myself as my mind wanders again.. ~

In my minds eye I remember your lips at my breast, sucking my nipples until they were tender and swollen, then nibbling
my flesh, leaving your mark upon them as you took what you wanted with your throbbing cock, claiming me repeatedly.
Your strength.. Our need..

~ As my fingers slip inside me, finding my wetness and teasing the swollen flesh of my clit. My head rests back upon the
pillow and I sigh as the sensations evoke more memories~

In my minds eye I see you above me, gazing intently into
my eyes as you continue to fill me so deeply with your hardness, all the time kissing me slowly and gently. I see the passion in your eyes, as you push so
firmly inside me that I cry out in pleasure, and when you could hold back no more, you take me with you, to join with you
in a shattering climax. It was then you marked my neck, in the aftermath of that joining passion.

~ My fingers slide deeper inside myself, keeping a slow rhythm that raises the beating of my heart and quickens
my breath. My thumb nail presses against my clit, the pressure
brings such incredible pleasure despite, or perhaps because of the ***.. ~

Again my minds eye wakes as I remember sleeping, your arms
around me making me feel safe and wanted. And I woke to the feel of your hands on my breasts, pinching
the already tender nipples into hard buds. I woke slowly, enjoying the feeling of arousal that was silently stealing through
my body. Your lips were on my neck, your hot breath sent shivers across my skin, as your hardness was pressing against
me from behind.

You feel so good in the mornings.. before long I felt your hand move lower, I heard your intake of breath as you felt my arousal, I could feel your heart
beating, as you took your hand away.. A second later I felt the cold oil on my back, warming as it trickled towards my arse..and I shivered, not from
the coldness, but with anticipation and a little ***..I felt you move  along my ass and then forward between my thighs, your
rough hands smoothing over my body with firm strokes.

My breathing quickened as my body came more fully awake. I felt you enter me from behind, filling my needy pussy as
the weight of your body pressed me into the bed..your lips again on my neck..

Your hand came around to tease me, and sooner than I would have thought I reached orgasm, my cunt exploding in shattering spasms, my inner muscles caressing your hard cock inside
of me. Your free hand began to knead my breasts and tease my sensitive
nipples, loving how sore they were from your previous attentions. I could feel my body becoming tense, straining
for release as I bucked beneath you, my hands held above my head..my body silently begging, hoping..dreading..

In my minds eye I think back to how you pulled my hips up from behind, how you spread my cheeks and rubbed more oil into the tight skin you found staring at you, your finger gently circles then a finger slips inside. I gasped loudly from the pressure of it, the pleasure of it, and
then I felt you pressing your length into me. I yelped from the burn of skin stretched too far, called your name, begged you to stop..but instead you pushed in ***fully and I almost screamed as you impaled me with your thick cock. Then you pulled from
me and plunged again, and again..

~ I quicken my own touch at the  memory, and reach for the vibrator I have beside me, sliding it into my wetness easily. I plunge it deep, as if it were you plunging inside me. Reaching for the controls, I flick the button and strong vibrations begin to flood my body, as I firm my strokes and let my vibrator go deeper, tilting my hips to meet my own thrusts, as my hands pull at my sore, achy nipples.

In my minds eye I had started to relax and enjoy the *** you gave me, the heightened sensations as you rammed your cock into me and took your own pleasure from my body. I found
myself exploding, deep spasms all through my body and your own release came from it, your hot, creamy seed erupting from you and into me, so deeply inside of me.

~ My body arches from the bed. As I slam the toy hard into me as my fingers rub in tight hard circles around my sensitive
flesh. My whole body stiffens..trembling, as thoughts continue to float through my mind..of hot sweaty bodies banging into, and sliding against one another, whispered words, passionate cries and wet kisses. Slowly my climax eases leaving only small spasms, then
eventually peace. I may leave the toy inside of me as I sleep, imagining
it to be you, letting my mind weave more pictures of our
joinings, and hoping to wake again with more thoughts
of your powerful touch. ~




Compelling reading MsJax.... i loved it
Just now, Firewitch said:

Compelling reading MsJax.... i loved it

Thank you Fire , I was in two minds whether to post it, glad I did now x

Simply an amazing and eloquent tribute to your passions. Thank you for sharing xxx
3 hours ago, AbiWest said:

Simply an amazing and eloquent tribute to your passions. Thank you for sharing xxx

That's a lovely thing to say, thank you Abi xx

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A lovely read. Very sensual, descriptive, sexy and arousing! Thank you for sharing.


Thank you for taking the time to say so 😊

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