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3D Printing

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... whilst surfing for things to print, I came across these... 

3D Nipple Clamps*


.... I guess anything is possible nowadays! 



Is this something anyone on here has actually done? 

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*External link removed

Depends on the material you print with "ABS" for structural strength, I wouldn't use PLA or PLA+

PTEG for something that needs to be slightly maluable.

I use PLA for looks, but brittle as hell, PLA always for strength and if it has moving parts.

A hell of a lot of STL files on the two major 3d printer file sites, i was a bit surprised but "BDSM" in the search, movable/quick open cuffs, cock enclosures etc.



I’ve printed several toys - cock rings, chastity devices to name a couple.

Make sure the rough spots are sanded!!!

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