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One submissive's notes to a sub like her❤(2 years experience)


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You don't always have to be pleased.

Butter people up a little bit all the time

Be a people watcher 

Fall in love with myself over again. (This time it's improv...)

People can help you.

It's okay to be confused or unsure. 

Say what you want to say in a conversation. Try to get a word in atleast every 5 minutes.

If you don't want to eat it, you don't have to. But sometimes you must eat to thrive & survive.

Don't be confused, relax. A thought will come

Always try to put your feelings into words.

If you don't wanna, you don't gotta.

**Do it until you do it perfect.**

"I love water" is a good ice breaker (esp. at work).

Think of who inspires you most. I think of my ***s mannerisms. (I'm a lot like her except she didn't have a brain ***.)

Stamina & willpower!

Be talkative, yet pervoagtive.

*Be patient & cordial

*Stay curious 

*When you come to a new realization, WRITE it down.

...*When did life stop being in 'story mood' for me and depression took over?*

You want to be perceived as a bitch but it's best to be viewed as a biotch. No one likes a bitch.

Fully listen to the story  before starting to respond.

Remember....depression and *** have many causes: Genetic predisposition, family environments, bullying and trauma can all play a role.

Life isn't fair. Play it like a video game: up-left, right, □.


What are your notes to yourself, or someone like you? 


Hi, lovely written. I think we can all take note, regardless of role


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