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Hi I am a Submissive and I have decided to start a business that supplies Kits to Dominants they would be personalised to each individuals needs and requirements.  

Do you think there would be a market?

What would you like in your kit?

What would you expect to pay ?



Thank you Poisonivy for your answer. I know how you feel i am lucky that my present Master talks me through everything and takes his time  showing me new things 


Not saying that you personally have nefarious intentions ..but you should be aware that a lot of these 'personalised kits' exist, and usually it's a scam..either overpriced tat, or kits that never turn up..

You may find a market, but big established companies already provide kits, and most are very easily tailored to specific requirements if necessary..and have a range of budget options.

Anyone doing the most basic of Google searches is presented with dozens of options, that's a huge market your trying to compete against.


Thank you point taken hence why i am asking for opinions 


I think
if someone is a new Dom, they're not going to know what their requirements are for personalisation.
if someone isn't so new - they would probably have traders they already trust.

For example, if I needed/wanted something personalised - I know the traders I would go talk to.

There's also a question, I guess, on how to personalise.  There's an awful terrible rise recently of people who are buying stuff from Ali Express and tarting it up and trying to turn a profit.  There are loads of problems with this from the time needed for them to get the materials, the risk it might get held up by customs, not able to establish the quality.

So, I have bought from Ali in the past and sometimes you get lucky and sometimes it's "I paid a fiver for a flogger, what exactly did I expect?" so I prefer to be able to buy either from someone I trust, or where I can hold things in my hand before buying.

So, does a market exist - this depends on your own locality.  I see you're in the Midlands - so - go to the BBB and see what traders there have and can offer.  If it looks like someone makes their own (I know traders who go there so know there are some) see what customisation they can offer and that gives an idea of what you're up against.

You're going to need high quality products.  

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