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anyone got a penis size taunt 'fetish' ?


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Love this forum! I was wanting to ask anyone if they had a similar thing/fetish  maybe they could relate to this somehow. Its strange I will say so don't be too wierded out. First and foremost: Please don't get this confused with 'small penis ***' as I am not really small. I am 5 3/4 inches long when hard (although I know some/many women would consider under six inches to be small but it still comes under average according to medical science).


I LOVE to have my manhood taunted by a female solely about not being able to make it to the six inch mark on the ruler no matter how hard I get and  'try' to get to the mark on the ruler.  I think this whole thing had my ex girlfriend confused when she was measuring me and taunting me on just making it below the mark but she seemed to enjoy it solely only because I did and while some might be confused or consider it even mean that its a turn on to be taunted by a female on this, its really consensual and I love it!


Am trying to do a story on this also and would much like to here women's idea's on this whole thing also and also because I am looking for idea's on what sort of things a girlfriend could say for future size scenarios for me for just being under the six inch mark.

Any women or guys know of this fetish and perhaps have an idea what its really about? honestly I am confused myself on what it is and maybe if a guy can relate to this whole thing I would like to talk to them on it although please don't get the wrong idea as I am straight. Thanks all!


I'm pretty into sph as a whole even though when I'm hard I do break 6. But Idk I guess I like to pretend. 


I do know male subs who aren’t really small but enjoy the *** aspect usually associated with the under-endowed who like SPH. 

For them it’s usually about feeling the size of their cock (no matter how big) is still inadequate - and they have still called it SPH. 

It’s particularly the teasing about the size of a ‘real cock’, as well as using over sized strap ons or sleeves over their ‘pathetic little dingle that isn’t satisfying anyone’, what turns them on. 

This is definitely a case where size doesn’t matter... because my strapon beats you all anyway 😏. 


Heels 👠👠


Under 7 inches is small to me, i've been spoiled when it comes to size.

My input on making a story, if you're writing it for women, is not to focus on your dick too much. Nothing more boring when a guy goes on about himself lol. I've written a few SPH stories myself and they more focused on the other guy with a bigger dick and how pleasurable that would be, i'm into cuckold as well though. And of course you can ignore my input if you'd like to.




yeah, 6" is average - so anything below that is below average I'm afraid.

Or maybe you ARE into SPH and we're all giving you your fetish for free <grin>

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Could be onto something there black sheep. 

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Anyone got any idea's specifically on my request though? while I appreciate the advice I was really only after just taunts on being very slightly under the 6 mark. Any females care to help with idea's in particular here for taunts?

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