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Anal play


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So I’m training had the fingers and the vib plug but ma question is how do you enjoy it . It’s never been something I’ve been into but sir wants to and in ma birthday have me with his cock but I sceptical that as much as I will do where’s the enjoyment for me .anal is one of those things that have never appealed to me I just don’t see the point but as I read others it can be / so can I ask what is everyone’s view is it good or bad does it float ya boat or not . Thank you for input I’d just wanna see the good and bad of anal sex xx


Enjoyment comes from the correct selection of partners


Lube, patience, and a lot more lube! There are lubes made for just for anal play/sex. Try different brands to find the one you like.

There are a lot of nerve endings to stimulate some people enjoy it, and some find they do not. It’s okay. Most importantly, communicate with your Dom.


This is all dependant on if YOU actually desire to try it or do it, I know you're experienced but even so you don't do something you're unsure of or even try it unless YOURE 100% sure YOU want to not just because someone else wants you to, something that needs slow and careful discussion, and if you still think it's not for you say so, you'll still be respected 💋💋💋💋


Hi subsluta, I'm a Dom who loves anal play/ sex with my subs. Many of my subs over the years have either been anal virgins, a number had experienced drunken, clumsy attempts that hurt and put them completely off in their past. As quietlysure said NEVER do anything your not comfortable with, your submission is a gift you bestow upon a Dominant partner and that is sacred and must ALWAYS be respected as such. That being said and you seem to have decided it is something you wish and wish to enjoy then it's can be a slow process. I have never failed to introduce anal sex to any of my subs and them not end up absolutely loving and yearning it. The Big secret to successfully introduction of any play is 'slowly slowly catchy monkey'. Intially I will only introduce a finger tip after at least 20 of her repeat orgasms and only as she is just about to start another. Verbally reassuring her how special she and it is and giving the control to push down as little as and much as she likes. While all the time working on her clit/ vigina lips/ and turning her on via every erodinos zone I know she has. It's gently, gently, slowly, slowly, and always tenderly and teasing. For me it's getting to really understand my subs sexual tells, continued stimulation, building her trust and NEVER allowing it to hurt always be during her repeated orgasms. Over time the feel of anal play becomes linked in her mind with the estcasy of orgasm. Rubbing and stimulating her g spot through the wall of the rectum is a biggy. He will appreciate it so so much more if it's something he has to work for, and you'll end up loving it and demanding (well begging, being a sub!!) it !! I hope that helps and good luck big hugs MartynMentor 💖💖💓



I don't particularly want to give anal - so there's little I can add from that side of things 

and a 'real' cock is unlikely to go up me

But, I do enjoy pegging and while it's probably not quite the same there are probably some take aways I have from it

It is nicer if you are relaxed.  It can hurt more and not in a good way if you are tight, or struggling to relax.  If you have been doing toy training that might help

Size can also make a difference - I remember at a gang bang once the lady put a small butt plug on the table and basically said "If your cock is bigger than that, no anal" I thought it was a tool for SPH - but - well, no one there was small enough

I've found different positions make a difference.  I prefer any position where I get to be on my back - so it might even be different positions work better for you for enjoyment



First question... are you enjoying fingers and vibe?

Focus on those pleasurable feelings, communicate and take it slowly, with LOADS of lube.


Size does matter, at least for me, but approach is the key...

Tongue, fingers, toys...then cock.


You and Get have the trust and the connection, you have nothing to ***.


For me, anal is intimate, ticklish, sensual, and oh so dirty, primal..

Being taken anally, made love to, fucked... it's incredible. The ultimate submission?

An anal orgasm is totally different, way more intense.

Hold on tight sis and enjoy the ride 💞


There is a great deal of enjoyment for me. A favourite activity in fact. It's not just the tightness of the penetration, it's the somewhat taboo nature of it. I like all of the language around it. I love that I am giving my partner something he genuinely gets so much pleasure from and it feels good because as noted elsewhere the anus has different nerve endings. If you're not relaxed and comfortable - if your head is not there, I don't think it will be physically enjoyable for you because you will tense up. Regardless of training and toys. It doesn't matter if others enjoy it. It doesn't matter if Sir enjoys it. It's your body and up to you if you'd like to experience it.


Being mentally read is the most important aspect. If not in the mindset it will not be enjoyable for the receiver. It takes a long time to get use to having anything put up in your ass. The muscles are use to going the other direction. Be open honest with your dom. It is not something you should be ***d into if your not into it.

7 minutes ago, Xabazulla said:

Why don’t you strapon fuck him instead and see what he says after eh?!

And that helps how?


2 hours ago, 1969MASTER said:

Being mentally read is the most important aspect. If not in the mindset it will not be enjoyable for the receiver. It takes a long time to get use to having anything put up in your ass. The muscles are use to going the other direction. Be open honest with your dom. It is not something you should be ***d into if your not into it.

How do you get mentally ready? In the right mindset.

1 hour ago, Willow75 said:

How do you get mentally ready? In the right mindset.

it's easier if it's something you're looking forward to than either nervous about or scared about.  Of course a first time can be a big moment making it more difficult to relax.

sometimes it's more difficult if there's worry (ooh, it's been a while... am I clean... is that actually too big?) so, I dunno.  The easier you find it to relax, the easier it becomes.  Up until it feels more natural.


5 hours ago, Willow75 said:

How do you get mentally ready? In the right mindset.

Plan ahead for it. Give yourself time to mentally prepare yourself. If it’s something that you get into it will become easier. Also if you want they do sell training kits for anal.

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I'll be blunt here.

Even my own current Master doesn't like anal play due to the 'poo' issue. 

He is well endowed and I absolutely adore him taking me anally and I will regularly orgasm from it BUT sadly he hates/detests the 'dirt' risk. Despite regular baths and douches he still prefers oral sex and using my throat. 

I have even gone through complete diet changes and douched ump*** times a day to re-assure him of my cleanliness but he is still hesitant.

When, in a blue moon, he does take me anally it is amazing. I orgasm regularly from it. Even though he is reasonably well endowed, roughly 8" long and 1.75" - 2" diameter, it causes no real issues. I am regularly/daily penetrated by huge 9.5" dildos or enormous butt plugs. As long as sufficient lube is used and you build up the size over a few weeks then you'd be surprised at quite what you'd fit in after a little practise.

As a guy, the feeling from being penetrated anally is close to what a women feels from vaginal penetration. I say this simply from what I have been told and experienced with both male and female partners. The orgasm I get from anal penetration (on me) is a whole body, muscle spasming thing, entirely different to a standard male orgasm. 

However, it is not a sure thing. Even with my current Master, I may only orgasm once in every half dozen penetrations. It depends on position, mood, stimulation, surroundings etc. Much more variable than masturbation or oral or penetration using my own penis which is 100% guaranteed to succeed in orgasm, the only variable being the time it takes.

I love being penetrated anally and it is rather annoying to me that my master prefers using my throat. Gagging, choking, struggling to breathe, getting nostrils full of saliva/sweaty balls and puking after he has finished with my throat (and where I gain no pleasure) are infinately inferior to him using my derriere! However, he knows I enjoy the anal a bit too much whereas the throat fucks are degrading and I clearly don't get any pleasure from them... so he knows me a bit too well ;-)








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There is such a thing as anal for play, take your time, have an orgasm a way you’re more use to, while your back passage is being played with, lube, enemas, relaxation, trust… all essential. Don’t rush it or you’ll learn to hate it. Take the pressure off. bummilingus is a good way to to build trust, and feels great, for both parties. (Obviously hygiene is key! Use a non perfume neutral ph balance soap)


1st things 1st you may feel more confident if you douche 1st also. Anal all starts in the prep. Find a good lube water based lubes get absorbed into the skin to fast. Look for a lube that isn’t water based but is toysafe/condom safe doc Johnson do one called anal lube that lasts quite well. Dont fo too big too quick. Lie back relax and slowly practise with your toys etc. If you find you still don’t like it remember you don’t have to do it no shame in that . Remember everyone’s body is different what some like doesn’t mean you will. Have fun

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20 hours ago, tatyana_p said:

1st things 1st you may feel more confident if you douche 1st also. Anal all starts in the prep. Find a good lube water based lubes get absorbed into the skin to fast. Look for a lube that isn’t water based but is toysafe/condom safe doc Johnson do one called anal lube that lasts quite well. Dont fo too big too quick. Lie back relax and slowly practise with your toys etc. If you find you still don’t like it remember you don’t have to do it no shame in that . Remember everyone’s body is different what some like doesn’t mean you will. Have fun

yes, the right lube makes a big difference. We use lovehoney lubes and generally 'Discover' is the one we use the most for anal play, it seems to last longer than the 'Enjoy' lube and is the most comfortable to use. We have a bottle in every room in the house!

Also you are quite correct, taking time to acclimatise to size is important. Also regardless of the size you may have accommodated in the past, your body changes with time so you need to keep up the practise with toys etc. I use a 9.5" dildo daily to ensure I'm always 'loose' enough to suit my master. If I leave it for a few months my anus contracts to a more normal size and can then lead to uncomfortable experience.

It can still be ***ful and I have had to use my safe word even recently with my master when he was a bit too vigorous. He is one of the largest cocks I have ever served, at 8" he can hurt if he thrusts in too hard and too deep but thankfully he is 'dirt' averse so anal is a rare event. He prefers oral and throat - one of the few times when I can honestly say I wish he was less well endowed!!!! 😁

I've had sex with alot of guys over my life, nearly all have been same size as me, roughly 6", and none has caused an issue. However my current master is both long and wide. If he thrusts too hard he 'bottoms out' (excuse the pun) and it is damned ***ful. Feels like somebody is punching your stomach from the inside out. I really don't enjoy it. Most of the time he is gentle and slow but on occasion he loses control and then I have had to use the safe word. 

note: I say this with absolute honesty, I adore my master taking me anally because the orgasm I achieve is light years better than I can achieve via a normal male cock based orgasm. The difference is vast. If I masturbate or have penetrative sex with my cock the entire orgasm is based/centered on my cock and balls. I feel them pump, I feel the cum in my urethra and I feel the ejaculation. It is wonderful but entirely focused in my genitals. If I achieve orgasm through anal, rare but does happen, it involves my whole body. My legs, arms, torso etc spasm and even though I do ejaculate I actually don't feel it due to overwhelming sensations from everywhere in my body. Also if I have a normal male orgasm, I'm usually over it in a minute and ready for more.

If I have an orgasm through anal sex I collapse exhausted, curl up and shiver for minutes and am literally unable to move or do anything for 5 or 10 minutes. The difference is that extreme! - now this may be normal for a female even from vaginal sex so the benefits of anal to a female may be less or near zero compared to a male.

As a male I can say that the anal induced orgasms are superior to the cock induced ones BUT they are very rare and only happen in very specific scenarios whereas cock induced orgasms are easy.  I would go as far as saying smell comes into it. If my partner is a bit too sweaty I don't orgasm, if he is too clean I don't orgasm. If he is too rough I don't orgasm, too gentle I don't orgasm! Basically anal orgasms are a rare and extremely difficukt thing to achieve in my experience. Cock based orgasms on the other hand are a breeze!

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Having had 40 years of experience of this kind of play, I feel somewhat qualified to comment.

For me as a guy, anal penetration is really where it’s at. This is what will lead me to having an earth moving, shattering full body orgasm, the likes of which just can’t be experienced with a penile orgasm. It’s not just in a different league, it’s on another planet. Full out of body experiences have been had due to this.

I love being penetrated by big toys, but I also love being fisted. The sensation of being filled so completely is just mind blowing. Penile penetration doesn’t come close to the effect of being fisted. Being fucked by a cock is kind of a bit vanilla for me. I need kink in my play. Toys and machines used and controlled by a kinky willing partner are just awesome!

And it’s really not about “stretching”. It’s about total relaxation. Stretching will tear tissue, rupture veins, cause bleeding, anal fissures and can cause potentially dangerous injuries to the colon or sphincter. You definitely don’t want any of those! They will definitely put an end to your anal play. Sometimes permanently. So no stretching, just relaxing.

It’s not for everybody and some people definitely don’t like it, but good quality poppers can be a massive aid to relaxation, as well as enormously heightening the sensation of orgasm. Getting the decent stuff from France is well worthwhile. The poppers that is sold in this country is often cheap crap that can be very strong, but has nasty side-effects like serious headaches and other problems.

So douche, and LUBE. Then LUBE. Oh, and LUBE. This cannot be overstated. Lack of lube can lead to an unplanned prolapse. And you definitely don’t want that, either.

It sounds from all of this like it’s really risky, doesn’t it? That there are too many potential health hazards and problems? but with the right preparation, being clean, using lots of lube, good relaxation and not overdoing it, it’s really quite safe. You just need to know your own body.

For a guy, ejaculation doesn’t usually occur during an anal orgasm. It’s probably the nearest a guy can get to experiencing the female vaginal orgasm. But I’ve spoken to women who have said that anal orgasm is better than vaginal. So it’s good, then!

Too many people, male and female, are so hung up about poo that they can’t relax, and it’s never going to be any good if you’re tense. You can’t possibly enjoy anal play with a partner if you haven’t first played with yourself, learned about your body, learned how to clean yourself out properly with a douche and generally prepared yourself physically and mentally for it. In 40 years, I’ve never had a messy experience with a play partner. but then I am a bit particular about cleaning out properly. You need to understand though that if you’re going to play down there, occasionally, there may be poo. It won’t kill you. Just clean up, laugh about it and carry on…

If your first anal penetration experience is at the insistence of a partner, it’s probably not going to be good. You need to want to do this yourself. Self-exploration has to be the first step.


@Jimmmy agree with most of that, especially the comments about intensity of orgasm. However I have never taken poppers and quite honestly don't see the point?  I can orgasm just fine without them and enjoy anal as both a slave and as a loving partner.

Also, I disagree with your comment about poo. It is not a rare event to experience issues with it. Yes, with smaller guys it is less of an issue but with my current master it has been more common, regardless of my diet, my douching and me being as careful as possible to ensure cleanliness. Short of never eating I'm not sure how I can avoid it. He generally prefers oral or throat fucks on me but at random he likes to use me anally and due to his size he goes deep and I'd reckon on 1 in 10 penetrations, especially when he is more vigorous and goes very deep, he needs cleaning afterwards. 

Thankfully, since I started in a slave role to him he doesn't mind as much but when we were just friends he used to get stressed and feel uncomfortable with it. I think with me being a slave, in fact more of an object for his use, he is not so bothered and is enjoying it more. However he still opts for my throat most days. I hate the throat fucks and would much prefer him to use me anally. 

I'm the only guy he has ever had sex with. He is (or claims to be) straight, doesn't fancy men including me and doesn't wish to have a public gay or bisexual relationship. However he has admitted he enjoys having sex with me in private and he is actually very loving in bed, often cuddling and kissing me so not sure he is quite as straight as he claims LOL but anal is an issue. I wish he would engage in it more often. 

Am keen to know the secret of keeping so clean that poo is not an issue? Although if it involves never eating then I'll just have to put up with the throat fucks 😁



This has been well covered above but my experience does seem to have one big difference. I do not use a water based lube. Your body absorbs it far to fast and it can become sticky and not that lubey. Happily I discovered an excellent silicone based water proof lube called Uberlube and I cannot recommend it enough for anal play.
Someone above said to make sure you orgasm before penetration that was an excellent point but now let's get technical.

There are two bands of muscle at the entrance of your ass. So when you penetrate you have to pause, to let the Ow ease and the penetrate some more. Here you hit the second band of muscles, once past pause again and let them adjust. Again Ow minimisation here.

It will make life easier if you can stimulate the G spot at the same time as penetrating the anus. That pulsing sensation in your pussy is the musculature tensing and relaxing. Your anus will do exactly the same thing as it is the same group of muscles.

Long story short it is more comfortable if you penetrate when your anal muscles are relaxing, simple really.

It just takes lots of quality lube, great timing, and starting slow. Done right it really should not hurt.

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