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Part Two - Faceless Encounter

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His instructions to her were clear, be bent over the kitchen unit, facing away from the door. She was to face away from the door so that he had easy access to her scantily clad pussy.

She was not to turn around, she was not to speak.

Stood there she wondered if this was all for real, part of her hoped it was, part of her hoped it wasn’t, in either case she was soon to find out and the thought of it was getting her little pussy wet.

Her juicy clit twinged as she heard the latch of the door click open and her legs nearly buckled as the cold wind from outside whipped across her practically naked ass. She knew then that this was happening, he had arrived and her wildest fantasy was about to come true!

Her mind went fussy with excitement and she gripped the worktop to keep herself steady, it felt like the world had shifted and she was now entering a place where there was only pleasure, her pleasure.

Within seconds his hands were on her yet it felt like days, she felt *** stood with her pussy presented to this handsome stranger yet powerful that he was here with the sole intention of pleasuring her!

His fingers found their way inside her pants, first feeling her hard and excited clit and quickly moving deep inside her pussy.. he knew exactly what he was doing and his experience and confidence quickly had her knees buckling and her first orgasm squirting from her, soaking the kitchen floor.

It was at this point he uttered his first words to her, words that had her groaning and begging to be fucked…. “You dirty, cock hungry whore”.
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