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Confessions of a sissy


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My heart is racing.  I wait patiently in my car outside the sex shop for it to open.  At the stroke of 10 I walk over to the shop on a crowded road.  To my embarrassment, the storekeeper is late.  As I keep my head down, passerby’s give me looks.   Finally a few cringing minutes later the lock is turned.  I head straight for the pantie section.  I select a pair of black lace panties and as I walk to the register a pretty buttplug with a black rose on it catches my eye.  I hand them to the cashier and weakly say “my girlfriend likes this stuff”. He gives me a look, he’s heard it before.  I pay up and I’m out the door.  Immediately in my car I whip out the panties.  They feel good against my skin.  The buttplug is small, but resists against my tight asshole.  With a sudden push through I gasp.  I look around the Parking lot and pray no one has seen me.

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