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So whaddya know about sissy hypno videos?

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Hey everyone. 

I wrote an article a couple days ago about how newcomers to online fetish dating can find a partner more efficiently - - Its in the new to BDSM forum if youre interested. 

My next article is going to be about sissy hypnosis videos: the different types, the way they're made, and how they can be used to maximise kinky sexy time. 

I personally used to watch them a lot, and I was wondering if any of you use them to train your sissys. If so which videos. 

How do they work? 

How do you use them in the context of your relationship dynamics? 

Do any of you make your own? 

I'd love to hear what have to say, and I'll even credit you in the article. 

Thanks for reading. 

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How do they work?

Although there are some who specialise in hypnosis, a lot of the time the suggestion is building on something the watcher wants to do.  I mean, you wouldn't watch a sissy hypnosis video "to see if it works" so it's giving the suggestion - this way the sissy goes along with it almost as a kinda "excuse" - 'I was hypnotised'

That's not to say a lot of people who make these videos or don't know what they're doing - of course there is a skill to it and there needs to be an air of belief.   

Guys ive met just seemed to have an instinct of control to get in.my head pretty fast.....evil magnetic personality's Or just man-witches?!? Don't think they had any programmes that they did thou I find the perverse) idea interesting....
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There's a whole series of skilful audio files on sounds and reddit by shibbysays focused specifically on this.

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