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No Words

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There Are No Words

I can wrack my mind to seek the truth
Open wounds to plumb the depths within
But never will I find the words
That explains this path to darkest sin

There was a time I lived in light
Bathed in good, a soul unstained
Yet something happened, no cause I know
When all I sought was pleasure gained

The hunger boils and churns unchecked
Its power not to be denied
It eats the best of all so dear
Causes love to run and hide

So now, consumed, I watch and wait
The midnight hours are long since past
Where will the darkness lead me next
Before the bliss of sleep at last?

Such self-inflicted wounds bleed free
To stain the quill, and coat the page
I seek not redemption, nor comfort word
I claim this ***, and embrace the rage


Apr 18, 2016


I really enjoyed your poem, thank you for sharing 💗🧚‍♀️

2 hours ago, PixieDust said:

I really enjoyed your poem, thank you for sharing 💗🧚‍♀️

You are most welcome, my lady x

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Im not very good at understanding poetry. I cant read the words to understand the poem i have to read and feel to know...

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