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Kodak devil (Part 4)


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I begin just to lick the tip of his cock, teasing him, like he teased me. He moans in appreciation as his cock responds to every flick of my tongue.

He grabs my hips and pulls me forward towards the edge of the bed. He flips me on my back and before I knew what was happening his cock hits hard on the back of my throat. I immediately start drooling and gasping for air.

I wasn’t expecting him to deep throat me and I’m gagging in between thrusts. He begins to mouth fuck me while he leans forward and licks on my clit

His rhythm quickens and I’m drooling all over his dick, trying to gasp for air. He brings me to climax and I squirt again, all over the bed this time.

I couldn’t breathe around his cock while cumming and he releases me at once. I’m shaking and grabbing the bedsheets to find stability.

“Well well well, looks like you still have some more in you…”

He chuckles and lays beside me. He guides me towards his chest. I lay there across his chest and begin to relax.

His dick is still hard and upright and he begins to touch himself in front of me.

I feel his finger slip into my ass as he uses my previous orgasm to lube and stretches my hole. I look up at him inquisitively, wondering what more can he do.

Suddenly, I feel a cold hardball rubbing down my back. I begin to turn so I can see what he has in his other hand and he says in that sexy, authority tone “watch me play with myself”

I can feel the cold metal object make its way down towards my ass. My mind is imagining what type of toy it can possibly be.

“Sit on my face and suck my dick” I look up at him and say “no…”

He chuckles and grabs my throat and begins to guide me to his cock. I pretend to fight but I want him just as bad.

My mouth meets his cock and he throws my legs across his body exposing my ass to his face. He begins to spank me, four hard ones, again on the same left, butt cheek as before. ‘Probably going to leave a mark now’ I thought.

“Careful, my dick is in your mouth and if you’re not gentle, I won’t be gentle.”

He slips his fingers into my butt again stretching and moving them expertly while he uses his other hands to push my head further down his cock.

He is rock hard and I begin to gag as it starts hitting the back of my throat. He begins to moan in pleasure.

Suddenly, the sensation of metal on my skin starts again. This time in my inner thighs. I catch a glimpse of a hook with a round ball at the end…something I’ve never seen.

He pulls me off his cock slowly but allows me to be crouched down with my ass towards him. He squirts some lube from a bottle and begins to open my ass more.

My body is on alert as I sense that something was coming. The cold metal ball he caressed me with is back. First between my thighs and up my back and back down again towards my exposed ass. The lube is warming up with his fingers going in and out of me and suddenly the metal ball stops and sits on my opening.

He moans “beautiful” and begins rubbing my clit. I immediately relax and prop my ass closer to his face. He slips the metal ball inside me right as I cum, I almost didn’t feel it.

A steel rod sits upward on my ass and the cold sensation was very new to me. He grabs the rope he had set on the bedside table and fishes it thru the hole on the top of the rod.

I sit upon my knees still with my back towards him as my curious fingers feel the toy inside me

“What’s this?” I ask trying to imagine what it could be.

“An anal hook. Have you tried it before?”

“No,” I say a bit shocked by the name. As I use my hands behind me trying to imagine what that could look like.

He ties my hands quickly together and attaches it to the hook itself. If I move my hands in any way, I immediately feel a sensation in my ass. It was such a new and sexy sensation, I started dripping again.

He props me up to a kneeling position and stands at the edge of the bed. He begins to mouth fuck me again. The sensation of being completely bonded and choking on cock was all too much to bear. He had to prop me against the wall to keep me from falling.

He was getting close to cumming and I can tell my drooling face and crying tears made him uncontrollable with lust.

He ejaculates all over my face. His thick white semen covering my mouth and cheeks dripping down to my chest as I kneeled *** in his hands.

He gives another long exhale “beautiful” he mutters under his breath.

He begins to untie my hands and makes me walk towards the bathroom with the now warm anal hook still inside me. The sensation of walking with it makes my knees weak and he can sense how close I am to the edge. He starts the shower and sets me under it.

His mannerism changes again. Now tender and careful he begins to wash me with soap and cleans my face and back. Each time he reaches for more soap he wiggles the anal hook and my body gets a shock wave. As if to remind me what’s inside me.

He begins to kiss me under the shower. My hair dripping over my face while his expert fingers find their way into me and on top of my clit.

This time, a slower more gentle motion as I begin to tense around his fingers. Just as I’m about to orgasm he slowly pulls the anal hook out and my knees begin to shake. I’m trying to hold myself up with my hands around his neck and he pushes me up against the shower wall for support As I climax. I moan as the orgasm finds me once again in a slower release.

‘I think I’m in love…” I thought to myself.
Amazing stories, thank you! Really appreciate them :) Can’t wait for part 5,6, & 7 😂
9 hours ago, Marcoo71 said:
Amazing stories, thank you! Really appreciate them :) Can’t wait for part 5,6, & 7 😂

Hope you got some inspo, not all my adventures make it to multiple sequels but I’m hoping to lure him out of hiding 😈

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