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The Party - Part 2

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Continued from The Party - Part 1.
If you haven’t read Part One, please do so :)


“…Please” I beg loudly to appease both of you to touch me. My reply is a series of dark chuckles which sends shivers up my spine from anticipation and slight ***.

“Patience Princess” you coo to me as I feel your rough hands stroke up and down the inside of my legs and at the same time a pair of soft thighs straddle my head, I can smell the sweet scent of our lover’s need that makes my mouth water.

“Now Princess you’re going to lay there and be a good little Toy for our gorgeous friend here, understand?” Your tongue darts out and licks a stripe over my centre teasingly. I release a moan and before I can reply our lover lowers themselves onto me, I delve my tongue between the soft folds of her flesh and hungrily devour her, as I do I feel your fingers move in and out of me and your tongue flicking at my sensitive bud at a deliciously teasing pace.

We continue this beautiful slow build until suddenly I feel you reach up and can only assume you pulled on the locks of our lover as she yelps and bucks her hips faster against my tongue, her honey flowing into my mouth more and more as she approaches her orgasm and I’m not far behind fuelled by the melodic moans of her and the deep groans you are making as you speed up with your fingers inside of me.

“Mmmm!!!” I manage out as my orgasm hits first, bucking my hips against your fingers. Moments later our lover screams her release, holding a fistful of my hair and practically smothering me as she grinds down against my face, I happily lick up all she has to offer me before she pries herself off me.

I finally hear her beautiful voice “Mmm what a tongue your toy has, she’s amazing, we’ll have to do this again sometime but for now unfortunately I have to go” I hear her get dressed, almost whimpering that I don’t get to see her body or even her face, a click of heels then silence.

I’m interrupted from having my mini-sulk as you lay on top of me and thrust into me with such ferocity, making me see stars and *** out broken moans.

“Look at you my pretty, pathetic Princess, desperate for more attention aren’t you?” You grunt out in between thrusts, I nod and moan ***ly.

“Open your eyes Princess and cum for me! Now!” You groan out, I can feel you twitching inside of me already and as I open my eyes I see the white hot light of pleasure and your piercing blue eyes as I orgasm hard, you growl as you feel my wetness flowing over you and after a few more thrusts you release, panting and leaning down to capture my already waiting lips.

We stay like that - You inside me, passionate kisses fading into gentle ones until you pull away making me wince slightly.

You lay beside me and brush my hair away from my face and smile.

“Did you like it my Princess?” You ask softly.

“Yes, so much, I can’t wait to do that again my Sir…I love you” I reply weakly.

“I love you too my Princess…What a party indeed” you chuckle as you hold me tightly, listening to to sounds of the still ongoing party outside.

~ End ~
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