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How do i find someone's personal ad?

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Wrote it wrong

Hi there, 


If you want to find a specific person's personal ad, then look on their profile  and if they have one it'll be in a box titled 'what I'm looking for' 


If you just want to see all the ads, check here: 



any reason why? sound invasive to me
13 hours ago, FabSeverus said:

any reason why? sound invasive to me

I know when I first joined here I'd see streams of ads on the home page, and didn't realise they were attached to profiles themselves, the sites wasn't the most intuitive to use..it was the kinky politician search that changed that for me, as it took me all over the site, perhaps Idgie feels the same way, or has seen an ad she'd like to revisit but can't recall where it is..not sure why youd think that's invasive, a personal ad is after all put there to get noticed and receive responses.

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