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Does anybody likes breastfeeding?


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Does anybody likes breastfeeding without submissing your partner?

I'm asking this question because there are many ladies who likes breastfeeding but they also like to keep their role as Mistress.

It's coming hard instead to find out a sub who likes breastfeeding, for me.

I like breast feeding but the trouble is they never eat anything

I feel the hallowed stock response is needed here - that - yes, there are people into it

it is common-ish amongst the mommy-domme section

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Breastfeeding is usually one of 3 scenarios mummy domme, hucow or just straight ANR ABF with no kink. Then there's the lactation aspect as well. So you may need to redefine your parameters. Good luck

Once, I met a girl and didn't know she had milk in her tits and it was so intense and beautifull the first time with her.

I like tits but this woman liked also roleplay and when we were together I had to wear a schoolgirl uniform and call her mami and I was her little girl.

I loved the sex and breastfeeding andĀ I've lost all my male power.

I never met another girl with milk like her but I love suck tits.

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Definitely! šŸ˜ All of my experiences were pay dates ...... Still, I love every experience I had with breastfeeding so far .... šŸ„°

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