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Take It Back

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Take It Back

No matter who you are, what you are, where you are, life and circumstance can put you on your knees. The problems seem insurmountable, the path forward hidden, and no matter what you try there seems like there is no hope.
There are people out there who can help, shine a light into your darkness and give you a way out, but they are not the only answer.
You have it within you.
Get mad.
Accept you are where you are meant to be and decide enough is enough.
You have learned the lesson.
It is your life.
Take it back.

Tired hands clenched in the dust of a million broken hearts
Head bowed as tracks of remorse line hollowed cheeks
Breathing deep, shoulders hunched, knees raw on floor
The darkness hides the terrors of those awful weeks

What love was held in a ravaged chest
Has long since flown on wings of despair
His very being now just a shell of the man he was
One second in time, fate had shown, there was no care

He'd reach for distant stars in hope
That once, dear God, just once, love could be found
The risks and costs were weighed and dismissed
Yet all he touched cast him back to unyielding ground

Now the silence starts to rend, as growl of anger builds
A head, once proud, can lower no more
A throat still bearing scars of tears long shed
Tightens, flexes, unleashes unholy roar

The night does pause, time stands still, as even gods take note
Such sound from human lips like ne'er before
Crescendo builds, *** is shed, but still it comes
The anguished note of a man bereft of core

Shadowed demons back away as figure rises to his feet
Empty now, the agony of the fail is spent
The flicker of a smile splits taut and dry lips
The ability to truly feel is always heaven sent.


8 hours ago, Sophie58 said:

Beautiful. Sending you big hugs scribe man. It feels good to be brave and alive!

Thank you Sophie, it does indeed! Have a great 2022 xx

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