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Getting involved with a partner

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Afternoon all i have a question for my own knowledge.

I have been training and being a Dom for several years. Now at 22 my partner, who knows I train and have trained, wants to open to do this with me. She wants to be trained, to become be a sub properly, and to let her pet side out as well. She wants to please her master, but I have never trained a person who is so close to me, and I am really struggling to come to terms with training her.

Normally i would find out things, make up a contract, and have a sit-down with thre sub. Go over it ,make sure all things are clear, and bang - job done, time for training. But I am really struggling to do any of this from start to finish with my own partner.

Would be very grateful for any advice, or to hear from anybody who does or has done this.

Thanks all

I don't have enough experience to answer, but I'd really like to know how you got a sub. I've been unsuccessful so far in finding a sub who lasts more than a single night, despite my best efforts to find a sub to train long term

Think about what you both enjoy, think of ways you could implement them. Turn that into a contract if you think it'd add to the enjoyment. 

What you struggling with exactly? I notice you use the words 'the sub' like the person is not a person.

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I guess as a prod

the relationship doesn't have to be like other relationships

you also of course have a right to say no to that especially if you see the complication.  

Mind, I would hope you form close relationships with all of your subs.

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