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Imagine your in a dimly light room, candle light flickering on the walls, the scent of fresh crushed rose petals, a four poster bed with red and black d***s tied back around the bed posts, and you! lovingly tied to the bed, with soft silk black and red ribbons tied around your wrists and ankles holding you in place. you aren't blindfolded, you watch me approach your semi naked body, wearing nothing but your bra, pants and anticipation in your eyes.
I begin softly kissing, licking and biting your ears, working my way down to your neck, my one hand holding your waist as you try to move closer to me, the other placed lightly on your face, I move from your neck slowly blowing, which causes my saliva on your neck to instantly cool, I move to your lips and kiss you passionately!
Want to know more?

I return home to find you naked, kneeling in front of the door. Your eyes are down. I look down and smile at you, but you do not notice for you immediately go into the humble pose at my feet.

"I humble myself before you. I live to serve you, and you alone Daddy."

You tell me in your ritual greeting of your Daddy returning.

"Hello Babygirl." I tell you as I reach down and take your hand and get you to stand. "Did you have a nice time while I was out Babygirl?" I ask you as I pull you into a hug and kiss the top of your head.

You smile excitedly and I can see the pleasure in your eyes. "Yes Daddy. I completed all the tasks you told me to do today. Would you like to see Daddy?" I nod and you take my hand, guiding me towards the lounge. You sit down and spread your legs for me. I kneel down in front of you and move my face close to your pussy. I can already see the moisture in your pussy, even though I have yet to touch you.

I run my fingers along your pussy lips and you shiver slightly.

I lean further forward and take a long slow lick from the bottom of your pussy, all the way up to your clit. I pause for a moment then look up at you. "Smooth as silk Babygirl. Good Girl." I can see the pride in your eyes whenever I say that.

Then my eyes darken a little and my voice lowers into a tone you know well. "Now, cum for Daddy, Babygirl." My face dives back into your pussy and I suck your clit in and flick it with my tongue. That is enough and your orgasm smashes through your body. Your pussy floods into my mouth and I taste your exquisite juice. After a few minutes, your breathing slows and your eyes flutter open. "Thank you for letting me cum for you Daddy." You say again in ritual.
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