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Champagne, her golden nectar

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Louis and I were getting ready for bed same as usual brush our teeth and take our clothes of ready for bed, Louis sits on the toilet as I hear her drip into the toilet I get an *** sense I pick up her scent I’m drawn to go in I walk into the bathroom and kneel in front of her she doesn’t hesitate and sits back and spreads her legs wide as she gushes her sweet nectar, her heat and scent turn me on as I watch Louise finish, she bites her lip slightly embarrassed and turned on at the same time. The next night louise was showering I was watching her tantalising body glistening with warm water I joined Louise and sponge bathed her 

after I finished washing Louis we start fondling each other I lift her leg and rub my cock on her sliding up and down the length of her amazing pussy lips

 I begin to champagne on her I didnt think about her reaction for a minute but then I saw her face that cheeky kinky little smile ***ted on her face as Louis streams out onto my hard cock I don’t wait for her to finish as I drop to my knees and taste her flowing pussy I lick her clit and make her buck and moan as her last drops run down her thighs I lick them and all the way  up and over her breasts to her mouth we kiss as my cock slides inside her we fuck until we can’t stand.

A few nights later Louis and I were playing in bed I had just made her cum with my finger and sucking her nipples she pushed me down onto my back and knelt over me I felt a warm sensation as she started to champagne on my chest she arched her back and spread her lips apart her stream covered my face and down onto my cock where she finished she kissed my mouth and told me to fuck her as she straddle my cock and began bouncing up and down I grabbed her tits and squeezed as had as she wanted me to I pull her down to kiss me and grab her ass and pound her as fast and deep as I could she screams as loud as I have ever heard her. As louis cums all over my cock she collapses, I roll over on top of her and slowly fuck her sweet swollen pussy as I get to my love stroke I pull out and cum all over louises chest and her hard nipples and mouth we lay there soaked covered in her champagne and my cum we are exhausted and fall asleep.

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