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My ex is my keyholder


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It wasn’t the best of breakups. We’d dated for 3 years and not long ago I thought we’d be together forever. I’d even gone shopping for a ring. However, there had been difficulty in the relationship, I just hadn’t noticed it at first, or maybe I had but didn’t want to be so shallow and self obsessed. You see my girlfriend (Michelle) and I had a good sex life but it wasn’t enough.
Michelle was vanilla whereas I had a hunger for kink that wouldn’t go away. These desires to be tied up and used as my partner’s sex toy kept haunting my mind, day and night. I couldn’t concentrate on my day job. Michelle and I had discussed the subject but she didn’t react as I’d expected. Instead of jumping for joy, she gave me a look I’d never seen before, one of disgust. She called me a freak and a pervert. We tried moving on from this but my hunger grew deeper and deeper. I tried talking to her again about my kinky desire, tryiyto persuade her how much it would benefit her. But my talk backfired. We argued and yelled a lot and I said some things I wasn’t proud of. The next day I came home to a note on the dining room table that she had left me. We wanted different things from the relationship and it wasn’t going to work. She’d be back tomorrow for the rest of her stuff.
The next day she arrived at our, sorry, my house and she was dressed to impress. She wore the tightest, skimpiest black rubber dress and thigh high boots. My mouth was salivating as I could only stand there frozen in time just staring at her. Eventually I remembered to speak and invite her inside. She suggested we have one last drink for old times sake. The next thing I remember is waking up with a splitting headache. I tried moving my hands to rub my temple and smooth the *** but my arms wouldn’t move. I looked over and saw they were tied to the bedposts. I looked down and saw my feet were tied in a similar manner.
As I looked down something shiny caught my eye. There was something metal encasing my dick. It was then that Michelle stood up from sitting on a chair in the corner. “You’re finally awake. Do you like the gift I bought you?”
I replied “what have you done to me you cruel heartless bitch?” She said “you’re going to regret calling me that. I had thought about taking it easier on you but now I’m not so sure you deserve that.”
She went on to explain that the shiny metal thing where my dick used to be is called a chastity device. It’s locked on my cock and only she has the key and there was no way to get out of it without the key.
Despite my anger I could feel myself getting turned on but the chastity belt was not allowing my dick to get erect. It was frustrating to be so horny and not do anything about it. I started squirming on the bed hoping to get any friction to assist with my release.
Michelle then straddled me, moving closer and closer to my face. Bound as I was, I wasn’t able to stop her, not that I wanted to anyway, after all this is what I’d always wanted. Suddenly her pussy lips were mere inches away from my mouth. I could almost taste her. I stuck out my tongue and licked around the tip of her labia. Despite all of her rejection of my kinky suggestions, Michelle’s pussy was wetter than it had ever been. Was she enjoying this too? As I was trying to solve this riddle she thrust her vagina into my face, riding my face like a mechanical Bull. I thrust my tongue deep inside her and licked her sweet nectar as I had done many times before. Struggling for air, I pulled against the restraints trying to break free, ***ing I would die if I didn’t get any air soon. It was at that moment that Michelle had the strongest orgasm I’d ever seen. She got off my face and quivered trying to come down from her sexual high. Finally I was able to grasp at some air, taking deep breaths until I could breathe normally again.
Michelle said “thank you lover for the greatest orgasm I’ve ever had but I think it’s time I got my stuff and left.” I’m a state of confusion I asked “aren’t you going to let me go? And what about my dick?” Michelle replied “ah yes lover, or should I say ex-lover, you see this key in my hand? It’s the only key that can unlock your cage and release your tiny cock. I’m not going to release you because of all the hurtful things you said to me yesterday and calling me a bitch today. Instead I’m going to leave here and hide this key where you’ll never find it. I’m also not going to untie you as I *** you’ll overpower me and steal the key.”
I begged and pleaded with her not to go, instead I begged her to stay and that we could start over and work it out. It was obvious she had enjoyed it as much as I did. She said “don’t even think of calling me ever again. I’ll call you when I feel you’ve been a good boy for me. Only then will I return with the key to release you. But after you come, you must be licked up in chastity again, and only I will hold the key. Whether you ever see me again is up to you.”
And with that she walked out of my life, taking my freedom with her.

I hope you liked the story. All feedback is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for sharing your story. Keep up the creativity:)

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