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Community Managers, Support Team & FETMods: The Big Difference


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I just wanted to make sure y'all understand the different roles and responsibilities of team members. We're all accountable for different things, so here you have a clear list:

Community Managers: 

Community Managers (such as myself!) work in-house on the Fetish website and product. You should come to us with feedback and queries about the technical side of Fetish.com – bugs on the website, improvements, features not working properly and how they can be improved, feedback for the team, recommendations for good FETMods. However, we are NOT the Support Team, and we do not handle access, verification, and account issues. Community Managers keep members safe and sound on Fetish.com, and are your go-to point of contact for people working directly with the product team. 


Out FETMod team are a group of volunteers who eat, sleep and breathe Fetish.com. They are here to help keep the peace and make sure all content on Fetish.com is Safe, Sane, and Consensual. FETMods do not have direct access to our product's system, but they are in touch with the community managers 24/7, and they have the mandate to act on the behalf of Fetish.com. FETMods are also here to banish people to the naughty corner when they misbehave and dish out warning points when it's necessary. FETMods CANNOT edit or change anything on the website, and they categorically are not the Support Team. 

Some FETMods are meet & greeters, your first welcome when you join our kinky family!

Support Team: 

Our wonderful Support Team is there to help you with issues such as login or account issues, warning points queries, problems with verification, questions about upgrades, and so forth. Think of them as your go-to point for immediate help. 


I hope this clears up a few things! Keep it kinky,

Annalou :lick:




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